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Q: How many zeros do you add after the decimal as a percentage?
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How do you make a fraction to a decimal?

Divide 100 into the number. You will need to add a decimal and zeros to make it work. The result is a percentage. Divide the numerator by the denominator

How is the decimal number calculated?

division. add a decimal with zeros after it and just keep dividing.

What is 2 in decimal form?

2 in decimal form is 2. You can add as many zeros after the decimal as you want. It does not change the value of two. Meh, or 2.0!

What decimal is equivalent to 1.5?

1.500. Add as many zeros as you want and you would still get 1.5.

How do you find the percentage of 70?

It is 7000%: add two zeros and the percentage symbol.

How do you write 0.2 as an equivalent decimal?

Add as many zeros as you would like to see after the digit 2and you will have a new decimal that's equivalent to 0.2 .

How do you write 200 as a decimal?

The only way is: 200.0 (plus as many more zeros as you want to add on the end)

How many zeros are needed to write the decimal form of 15 million?

There are six zeros in a million, so you would just need to add six zeros to 15 to get 15,000,000. You can also move the decimal point over six places to the right to get the same answer.

How do you convert 1500000 into a percentage?

Add two zeros and a percentage sign. So, the answer is 150000000%.

Can a number be divisible if it has remainders?

Yes. Add zeros to the end of the sum that you get an keep dividing. Just make sure to ADD A DECIMAL before the zeros.;D

How many zeros are in 1.20 million?

At least five. If you want to, you can write a decimal point at the end of the number, and then add as many zeroes as you want after the decimal point. They won't change the value of the number.

Do you add the 0 when multiply decimal?

You don't. .3 * .4 = .12 No added zeros.