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other way round

four times one eighth = one half

4/8 = 1/2

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Q: How manyhalves equal one eighth?
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Does one eighth equal 0.25?

No - one eighth is equal to 0.125. 0.25 is equal to one quarter.

Does one eighth plus one eighth equal one fourth?


Does one eighth plus one eighth equal one forth teaspoon?


What two eighth notes are equal to?

What are two eighth notes equal to

Two eighth notes are equal to?

Two eighth notes are equal to one quarter note.

What is one eighth equal to?

It is equal to two eighths

What is one minus one eighth?

one minus one eighth is equal to seven eighths

Does one eighth note equal one whole note?

No. One eighth note equals one eighth of a whole note. Two eighth notes equal a quarter note, and four quarter notes make one whole note.

What 2 rests equal 1 eighth rest?

Two sixteenth rests equal one eighth rest

One eighth is equal to what decimal?


How much does one eighth equal?


What does one eighth equal in percents?


What is 3 eighth equal to?

one fourth

What percentage is equal to one eighth?


How many yards are there in one eighth of a mile?

One mile is equal to 1760 yards. Therefore, one eighth of a mile is equal to 1760 / 8 = 220 yards.

Does 0.125 equal one fourth?

No, it equals one eighth.

Does one eighth equal one half of one quarter?


Will two one fourths of salt equal one eighth?

Two one-fourths is equal to one-half.

How many eighth notes equal one whole note?

8 eighth notes

What number is 12.5 percent of 16?

12.5% is equal to one eighth. An eighth of 16 is 2.

What is Two eighth notes are equal?

one beat.

What is 2 eighth s equal to?

One quarter

What percent is one eighth equal to?

It would be 12.5%

How much is one eighth of a pie?

If you cut a whole pie into eight equal pieces one of those pieces is one eighth.

Would three one eighth teaspoon equal three fourth teaspoon?

Um... Three one eighth teaspoons do not equal a three fourth teaspoon. Think about it. Three one eighth teaspoons equal three-eighths and three-eighths are not equivalent to a three fourth teaspoon.