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Math is a US abbreviation for mathematics.

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Q: How math relates to mathematics?
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What does mathematics have to do with math?

mathematics is math math is short for mathematics

How does math relate to dancing and choreographer?

Math relates to dancing and to being a choreographer. This is because dance is based on following musical beats, which are based in mathematics.

What is theabbreviation of Math and math?


What is the short form of mathematics-math or math?


What are some questions that are not math today but may be math questions in your childrens times?

Mathematics is mathematics. If it could be mathematics later on, then it is mathematics now.

What is the different between Math teacher and Mathematics teacher?

Math is simply short for Mathematics.

What is a short way for saying mathematics?

Math. "Math" works for both "artithmatic" and "mathematics".

What is the difference between math and mathematics?

As far as I know, there is no difference. "Math" is just short for "Mathematics".

How does a matrix relate to mathematics?

A matrix relates to math by being a scientific measuring unit. In other words, any shape can have a matrix that also has the plausibility to be measured.

How do you abbreviate mathematics?


What subjects is math in?


How does average relate to math?

It relates to math because it has to do with numbers.

What are a common multiples?

math relates

What are powers in mathematics?

Mathematics are useful in everyday life. It can help you do your "math" homework, and do your math test/ exams.

What is the abbreviation for mathematics?

'Math' is the abbreviation for mathematics, or "Maths" in Australia.

What part of speech is the word math?

Math or mathematics is a noun.

Why do people prefer 'mathematics' over 'math'?

"Mathematics" simply sounds more intillectual than just "Math".

What is an outerlair in math?

There is no such term in mathematics.

What is the full form of math?


How can you solved math?

By using mathematics

What Subjects Relates To Doctors?

Science And Math

What is difference between math and math?

Nothing as they are both abbreviations for mathematics.

What is the name for the new elementary math?

the new name for math is............. MATHEMATICS

What are different words for math?

Two words for math are mathematics and arithmetic.

What is the second name of Mathematics?

Mathematics is a branch of Science. Other terms referring to Mathematics are Math and Arithmetic.