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400 divided by 7 is 57. That would be your answer.

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Q: How may numbers between 1 and 400 are divisible by 7?
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Is 3 divisible by 6008?

All numbers are divisible by all numbers... They may turn out like decimals and imaginary numbers, but they can be divided. Now, whether 3 can be evenly divided into 6008 is a different question. And that answer would be no.

What is the greatest common factor of 54 and 52?

Greatest common factor(GCF) of two consecutive even numbers is 2. The reason behind this is that both the numbers(even numbers) are divisible by 2, so 2 is the common factor. Also, both numbers differ by 2 so 2 is the only common factor except 1. If the difference is 4 then it may be possible that both numbers are divisible by 4. So, if the difference between two numbers is n then it may be possible that both the numbers are divisible by n and numbers less than n. 52 and 54 are two consecutive even numbers so their GCF is 2.

What is numbers is divisible by 4?

Any multiple of 4 will be divided evenly by 4, but other numbers can also be divided by 4 but may not be evenly.

What is a 3 digit number divisible by 5 and 3?

150, but there may be other, lesser numbers as well. There is also 315.

Is 750 divisible by 3?

Yes, by 250. Here's a trick I use to find out whether a number is divisible by 3. If you add up all the digits of the numbers it may equal a multiple of 3, if it does it's divisible by 3. For example. 750: 7+5+0=12, which is divisible by 3.

What does interval mean?

It is a set of numbers consisting of all numbers between two end numbers in a continuous domain. The two end numbers may or may not be included.

If a number ends in a 0 will it never be divisible by 8?

Sure it may be divisible by 8 - or it may not. For example, 40 and 1000 are both divisible by 8.

What numbers between 10 and 50 are divisible by 3?

12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, and 48. As you may have noticed, all you have to do is count every third number.

Easier way to select prime numbers?

Check if a number is divisible by 2. Then check divisibility by all odd numbers, up to the square root of the number. If it isn't divisible by any of those, your number is a prime number. For higher numbers, this method may be very slow - but you asked for EASY methods, and the faster methods are certainly not easy.

What is the Difference between an integer and a real number?

Integer numbers are a subset of real numbers. Real numbers may contain fractions.

What is a real number between 3 and 2?

Real numbers are infinitely dense. That means that between any two real numbers, there are infinitely may real numbers. One example: 2.00135

What is 279 divisible by?

279 is divisible by at-least 3 and 9 there may be more but those are just a couple

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