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4 the rhombus has 4 sides

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Q: How much angles does a rhombus has?
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How much angles can fit in a rhombus?

I can have only four angles

How many angles are in a rhombus?

a rhombus have 4 angles.

How many angles on a rhombus?

There are 4 angles on a rhombus.

How many right angles are there in a rhombus?

A rhombus normally has no right angles (at the vertices). If a rhombus has right angles (at the vertices), it is called a square. The diagonals of a rhombus meet at right angles.

How many angles does a octagon have rhombus?

An octagon has 8 angles. A rhombus has 4 angles.

How many obtuse angles does a rhombus have?

A rhombus have 2 obtuse angles

Do rhombus have any obtuse angles?

A rhombus has 2 obtuse angles

How many opposite angles does a rhombus have?

A rhombus has 4 interior angles and opposite angles are equal

What is a rhombus with 2 right angles?

A rhombus with 2 right angles is not possible. Only a rhombus with 4 right angles is possible, a square.

Are there two congruent angles in a rhombus?

two pairs of congruent angles in a rhombus

Are All The Angles the same on a rhombus?

No. All angles of a rhombus need not be the same.

Is a rhombus a parallelogram with 4 right angles?

a rhombus is a parallelogram with no right angles.

Does a rhombus have two acute angles?

Yes, a rhombus has two acute angles.

Does a rhombus have four 90 angles?

does a rhombus have four 90 angles

Adjacent angles of a rhombus are congruent?

Rhombus' Congruent AnglesIt's not the adjacent angles of a rhombus that are congruent, but the diagonal ones.

How can you classify a rhombus with 4 congruent angles?

A rhombus with 4 congruent angles is a rectangular rhombus having interior angles that are all right angles (90°) and therefore it is a square.

How many acute angles does the rhombus have?

A rhombus will either have four right angles, or two acute angles and two obtuse angles.

What do the angles of a rhombus equal?

The sum of the angles in a rhombus equal a straight angle (180o).

What is the name for a rhombus with 4 angles?

The answer would be a rhombus, as All rhombuses have 4 angles.

Does a rhombus have diagonal right angles?

The diagonals of a rhombus intersect (meet) at right angles.

Does a rhombus have no right angles and 3 congruent sides?

A rhombus has four congruent sides. The angles don't matter, but if they're right angles, then the rhombus is a square.

Are the angles of a rhombus all equal?

A rhombus looks like a lopsided square, or a diamond shape. It is a parallelogram with four equal sides. The angles of a rhombus do not all need to be equal BUT opposite angles of a rhombus ARE equal. If you were to "straighten it up" and make all the angles equal at right angles, it would be a square. A rhombus with four right angles is a square.

Are rhombus have acute and a obtuse angles?

A square is a special case of rhombus, where all angles are equal to 90°. So if it's not a square, then the rhombus will have 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles.

Have many right angles does a rhombus have?

None, the total sum of angles in a rhombus is 360 degrees but none of them are right angles.

When a rhombus is a square?

ALWAYSevery square is a rhombus, but every rhombus is not a square.A square must have right angles and a rhombus does not have to have those.A rhombus is a quadrilateral with equal length sides, and can have oblique angles or right angles. A square only has right angles. A rhombus with right angles is a square. Other rhombi are not squares.By these definitions, all squares are rhombi, but not all rhombi are squares