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Probably some more cardboard will be used for the two smaller containers. Exactly how much depends on the exact shape of the containers.

Assuming the containers are geometrically similar, the ratio of their height (or any linear measurement) will be 1 : (cubic root of 2), or about 1 : 1.26. The ratios of the area are 1 : 1.262, while the ratio of their volumes are 1 : 1.263, making the volume-to-area ratio of the large container more favorable by a factor of 1.26. In other words, the smaller containers will use 1.26 times more cardboard. However, note the assumption (that the containers are similar). Also, how much more cardboard is used in absolute terms (for example, in square centimeters) will still depend on the exact shape.

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Q: How much cardboard is used when you buy 1.89L of juice in the two 946-ml cartons instead of one 1.89L?
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Yes, you can

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The two main types of cardboard that are most likely to be recycled in your area are: Flat cardboard like shoe and cereal boxes and cardboard like what is often used in packaging. Make sure to contact your local recycling facility to see if they will take both of those types of cardboard and also inquire about wax covered cardboard like milk or juice cartons. Make sure you break down the cardboard before putting it in your recycling bin.

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A mixture of plastic, cardboard and alluminum.

What do you sort into recycling in New York City?

Every building in NYC is required by law to recycle. Residents and institutions whose garbage is collected by the NYC Department of Sanitation sort their recyclables into two streams: (1) Mixed Paper & Cardboard, and (2) Beverage Cartons (like milk cartons & juice boxes), PLASTIC bottles & jugs, GLASS bottles & jars, any METAL and FOIL wrap or trays. Commercial establishments are serviced by private carters and follow slightly different recycling regulations.

Why can't you recycle juice and milk cartons?

What and how to recycle is different depending on where you live. Asceptic packaging such as milk and juice cartons are indeed accepted or required for recycling in some locales. The paper is high-quality virgin stock, and there is often a layer of valuable foil in juice boxes. In NYC, milk or juice cartons and drink boxes are placed in the same (blue-labeled) bin with other beverage containers, bottles & jars, metal and foil; you'll find more info at In other places, all recyclables are collected in the same bin. Check with your local authorities.

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How many 250 ml cartons of apple juice must Mrs Bates buy in order to fill a jug of capacity 2 liters?

there are 1000ml in a litre. therefore 2x1000 = 2,000ml 2000/250 gives 8. 8 cartons needed

Why cant smart people come up with a carton that is easy to open The cardboard is hard to open Put a screw type lid on side of carton?

They already have pour spouts on the market on juice and milk containers. But, because of cost of producing the lidded carton would increase your cost as well as the companies' costs, customers still buy products without spouted cartons. The glued 4-leaf cardboard carton will likely continue to be used for many more decades.

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