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Q: How much cfm should be there in 18x18 diffuser?
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How do you check the cfm of diffuser?

Check the air flow per cubic meter of your diffuser area cover in your unit. CFM= cubic feet per minutes.

Will a 750 cfm carb work with a stock 350 engine?

from my experience the 750 cfm will dump too much fuel you should go with a 600 cfm. i prefer the holley. you should only go with a 650 or 750 cfm if you have 400 horsepower of more.

What cfm rating carburetor should I get for my 305 1984 Chevy?

600 cfm will be enough for that engine.

How much air flow in cfm's comes from a typical 20 inch box fan?

~ 1000 cfm

What cfm is best for a standard 350 Chevy small block?

600 cfm should be just right for a stock or slightly modified 350.

What does the CFM number on a ventilation fan mean?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, which is a measurement of the amount of air that the fan can move within one minute. It indicates the fan's airflow capacity, with a higher CFM number indicating a more powerful fan that can move more air. It is important to consider the CFM rating when choosing a ventilation fan to ensure it can adequately ventilate the space.

How much cfm does a stock Chevy 350 fan pull I'm lookin' at e fans but not sure how much more cfm they'll pull compared to stock belt driven fan?

2200 to 2500 cfm's Hayden has a chart on the Box. for elec. fans

How many cfm of air flow per square ft of office space?

For better comfort you should go with 1.5 cfm per sq foot. Depending on how many windows and solar gain, you can increase the cfm.

Which of CFA or CFM or CFP is much better for the future and for finance majors?

All the three CFA,CFM and CFP are better for the future as far as the finance majors is concerned.

How can you convert cfm to cmh?

To convert cmh to cfm ..... divide cmh by 1.7 to convert into cfm....

How do you convert cfm to tr?

Tr = cfm/400

What cfm is a carter 8867 carburetor?

750 CFM