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806.66 Cubic Yards

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Q: How much dirt is required to cover 1 acre 6 inches deep?
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How many gallons of water would it take to cover an acre of ground 6 inches deep?

Around 162,926

How many cubic yards in an acre 3 inches deep?

Three acres three inches deep is 403.33 cubic yards.

How many gallons of water to cover an acre one inch deep?


How many cubic feet of sand required to cover 230.4 sqare feet 3 inches deep?

57.6 cu ft

How much soil do you need to cover 1 acre 6 inches deep?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet At 1/2-ft deep, that's (43,560 x 1/2) = 21,780 cubic feet 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard 21,780 cubic feet = 806 2/3 cubic yards

What is the square footage of 1 gallon of water?

How deep do you want that ?If you want it 1.6 inches deep, then it can cover 1 square foot.If you want it 10-ft deep, then it can't cover that much area.

How much area does a yard of concrete cover at six inches deep?

54sqare feet

How do you Convert cubic inches to acre feet?

Although the answer seems completely useless, this is a nice little arithmetic problem. 1 foot = 12 inches 1 cubic foot = (12 x 12 x 12) = 1,728 cubic inches 1 acre = 43,560 square feet 1 acre, 1 foot deep = (43,560 x 1 x 1,728) = 75,271,680cubic inches ======================================= -- Take the number of cubic inches. -- Divide it by 75,271,680. -- The answer is the number if acre feet.

How many gallons of water are in your 1 acre pond that is 10 feet deep?

1 acre is 6,272,640 square inches. Since you want to cover it one inch deep you need 6,272,640 cubic inches of water. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon. So divide 6,272,640 by 231 and you get 27,154.2857 gallons! HOWEVER: If you want to save water, consider this: When water freezes, it increases in volume about 9%. So if you used ICE to cover your acre and only needed the ice to be 1 inch deep, you could use 9% less water to start with! (I'll let you do the math on that.) Ice is still water, so unless you are asked to use LIQUID water this question has 2 answers.

How many bags of 5 cubic feet of white rock to cover 22 square feet of area?

4.4 bags for each 1-foot deep. 2.2 bags for each 6-inches deep. Each 5-ft3 bag will cover the area to 2.72 inches deep.

How many yards of sand to cover 594 square feet at 4 inches deep?


How much does 1000 cubic yards of fill dirt cover?

There are twenty-seven cubic feet in a cubic yard. So, you'd have 27,000 cubic feet in 1000 cubic yards. Assuming you leave each cubic foot intact and since there are 43,560 square feet in an acre then you'd be able to cover over half an acre. At only 6" deep you'd cover over an acre.