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0.80 x 64 = 51.20

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Q: How much do you pay if you get 20 percent discount on a 64 purchase?
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How much will you pay if you pay 20.01 and get 20 percent discount?

You will pay $16.01 after the discount.

What is 30 percent percent off of 79.99?

30 percent off on $79.99 = $23.997 You will get $23.997 discount on your purchase So, you will have to pay $55.993 or $56

What is 7 percent discount on 120000?

The discount is 8,400 and you pay 111,600.

How much is 12 percent off of 4.99?

The discount would be 60 cents leaving 4.39 to pay

What do you pay for goods marked 13.50 with a discount of 20 percent?

You pay $10.80

What type of an account is a purchase discount?

contra-expense It's an expense, not a contra expense. If you don't pay the bill within the discount period, and you had recorded the original purchase at net (Purchase price less the early pay discount) then you have more expense, not less, when you don't pay on time.

How much is a 10 percent discount of 39.99?

£39.99 x .10 = £4 discount £39.99 - £4 = £35.99 to pay

How much is 10 percent off of 699.00?

10% off of 699.00 is a discount of 69.90, so you would pay 629.10

What is 25 percent off of 13000?

9,750 is what you have to pay. 3,250 is the discount.

Employee of a discount store receive an add 20percent off the lowest price on an item if an employee purchase a during a 15percent off sale how much will he pay if the purchase originally cost 450?

the employee would pay 306$ 450*.85 for first discount = 382.5 382.5* .8 for the second discount =$306

What do you get of you discount 450 by 10 percent?

£450 x .10 = £45 discount £450 - £45 = £405 to pay.

At Stores Unlimited you will find everything you need at a 30 percent discount A set of four bath towels is marked 25 How much will you pay for the set with a 5 percent sales tax?

You would pay $18.38.

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