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Q: How much does a single paper clip cost to make?
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How much does a paper clip cost to make?


Could a paper clip be considered copper?

Most paper clips are made from steel. You could make a paper clip out of copper, but the cost would be higher for something that would do the same job.

How do you make a paper clip?

they shove it

How do you make a paper helicopter go slow?

Take the paper clip off and make it smaller.

How do you make a homemade compass without bending the paper clip with two pencils and a paper clip?

Put the paper clip on the paper. Hold the two pencils with the two pencil points on either side of the paper clip. Hold one pencil still then move the other to form a circle.

What is the hypothesis of make a paper clip float?

Distribution of the clip's mass and water's surface tension.

How much does the paper clip cost?

Well, that is going to depend on a lot of things, like what kind of paper clip, how large it is, etc. But for an example, we'll go with a price I just found on Amazon for 1000 paperclips for $7.63. At that price, they cost less and one cent each ($0.00763), so if you could really sell single paper clips (which no one really does), then you could make a small profit by selling them for one cent each. This same brand and size of paper clip is even cheaper if you buy 2,000 or 5,000 at a time. For instance, if you bought the 50 box option (100/box) instead of the 10 box option, it is $15.99, which works out to 0.003198 per paper clip.

Is it true that you can make a paper clip magnetic?

If the paper clip is made of a magentic metal such as steele, then you cn make it magnetic. If it is made of plastic or a non-magnetic metal, then you cannot.

What kind of force can make a paper clip cling to a comb?

That is the static charge, which make a paper clip cling to a comb.

How many paper clips make a pound?

Depends on the size of the paper clip. Paper clips come in a range of sizes. Agreed. Also: The weight of one standard paper clip = 0.00043kg x 9.8m/s2 = 0.004214 N, or 0.000947345 lbf. So if you divide 1 lbf by the weight of a standard paper clip given then with that size of paper clip it would take about 1,056 to make a pound.

How do you make a lock for your spiral book?

U can get a paper clip

What products can you make by moving the other paper clip?