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If you are calculating a rectangular yard with two sides each of 20 yards and two shorter sides each of 15 yards the total length of fence required would be 20 yards + 20 yards + 15 yards + 15 yards which = 70 yards of fence.

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Q: How much fence is needed for 20 yds by 15 yds?
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How much fence would you need for a rectangular shaped yard measuring 20 yards by 15 yards?

70 yds. (must factor in gates)

How much feet is in 15 yds?

45ft in 15 yards.

How many square yards in 15 acres?

1 acre = 4840 sq yds 15 acres = 15 x 4840 sq yds = 72600 sq yds

How much fencing is needed to put a circular fence 15 feet from the center of the pool?

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15 tepost

How do you convert 12 ft by 15 ft to square yards?

12 ft is equal to 4 yds and 15 ft is equal to 5yds therefore the answer is 20 sq yds

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I want to put a fence up around my yard. My yard is a rectangle measuring 42 feet by 22 feet how many feet of fence do i buy?:perimeter is needed I have a very large living room, it is 70 feet by 15 feet how much carpet do I need to buy?: area is needed THink about them apples.

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