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The perimeter of a rectangle is 2*A + 2*B. What does 80ft + 90ft equal?

By the way, don't forget to subtract 3 feet for the gate, the textbook always forgets that somebody needs to be able to get into the garden to pull weeds and pick the veggies.

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If square garden has a side of 22 feet how much fence is needed to enclose the garden?

88 feet? unless you add a Gate? 3 foot or 4 foot Which would require 85 or 84 feet of fence

How many feet of fencing is needed to put a fence around a 10.8 foot by 13 foot rectangular garden?

You will need 47.6 feet of fencing. Just add 13 + 13 + 10.8 + 10.8 together.

What imperial unit would you use to measure a garden fence?


What is an example of a word problem for square root?

A woman would like to surround her 100 square foot garden with a fence how long would the fence be on each side?

What is the average cost for pool fencing?

The cost to make a fence around your pool is going to cost around $15-$19 per linear foot, depending on what material you use for your fence. With most fences being around 30-60 feet, the lowest cost will be $450 (if you go with the less expensive material, and only a 30 foot fence), all the way up to $1140 (that is a 60 foot fence for $19 per foot of material).So the cost of your fence can range anywhere between $450-$1140, depending on how big and what materials are used.

How much does a privacy fence cost?

A privacy fence will vary depending on materials and size. A 25 linear foot privacy fence that is wood will run around 500 dollars.

How many feet of fencing does Bob need to build a fence around the farden?

one foot for each foot of perimeter.

What pool height requires a fence?

About Four To Five Feet For A Above Ground Pool. with a five foot fence For And Underground About Five Feet deep with a five foot fence also.

MrGreen has a 35 by 70 foot rectangular garden He wants to fence the diagonal to divide the garden into two triangles About how many feet of fence does he need?

Bisecting the garden this way creates 2 right triangles. The diagonal fence is the hypotenuse of the right triangle, so it's length is calculated as such: 352+702=c2 1225+4900=6125 c2=6125 c=78.26237 Mr. green needs about 78 feet of fencing. Since he must round UP to compete the fence, he should purchase 79 feet.

Can dalmatian hamsters go out side?

If you have a fenced in yard (NOT CAIN link fence) or have 2 or more people make a foot- foot fence.

How tall of a fence do you need to keep cows out?

A four to five-foot fence is sufficient, if it's just for cows. If you want to keep deer as well, you will need a six-foot-tall fence.

How high should a fence be to keep out rabbits?

A 2 foot fence it tall enough.

Prices of an electric fence for pigs?

This question depends a lot on the size of the fence needed, and how much power it will take to discourage them from touching it. Energizers for the fence will start around 40.00 (USD) and go up from there. Wire will cost from 0.25 (USD) per foot and go up from there, plus you will need insulators, stands, etc..etc.. An average "Garden Kit" for dogs, rabbits, etc. will run about 150.00 (USD). Of course these prices go up with selections, solar energizers cost more, batteries for them, plus the storage box.

If you have 1432 feet of fence that must be strung out in a straight line A fence post must be placed for every 4 feet of fence so how many fence posts will be needed?

1432 divided by 4 equals 358, which is the number of 4-foot sections of fence. Since the fence must be terminated on both ends, add one more post to terminate the last section. Thus, the answer is 359 posts.

How many fence post do you need for a fifty foot diameter circle?

You need 1962.5 fence posts.

What is the price of an 8 foot fence?

50 cents

How much per square foot for a wood fence?

starts at about $12.00 per foot for pine

How many fence post 10 ft apart will you need for a 1 acre pasture?

Specifying the area inside the fence doesn't tell you the dimensions, and the length of fence needed to enclose it (the perimeter) depends on the shape. -- The minimum fence that can enclose 1 acre is 740 feet (73 fence posts), around a circle with a diameter of 236 feet. -- The minimum fence that can enclose 1 acre with straight sides is 834 feet (83 fence posts), around a square with 208.7-foot sides. -- If it has straight sides but it's rectangular (not square), then the bigger the difference is between the length and width, the more fence (and posts) you need. For example, if the pasture is 6-ft wide and 7,260-ft long, it's exactly one acre, the horses have to stand in single-file while they graze, and it takes 14,532 feet of fence (1,453 fence posts) to enclose it.

How High does a fence have to be to keep deer out?

well im not a specialist , but 6 foot fence should be more than enough

How do you calculate lineal foot for a wood fence?

Measure all the lengths of the shape that you wish to enclose using the fence and add them together.

What is the fastest growing plant to cover a 100 foot fence?


Do you need a fence around your pool to get insurance?

Many insurance companies will require at least a 4 foot locking fence around the pool. Even if the company decides to write they policy, they may exclude liability coverage due to the pool being onthe property. Read you.r policy carefully and shop around.

Do you need a fence around a blow up pool?

Yes, depending on how deep the pool is and how tall it is. Call your city before purchasing a pool. We bought our kids a 3.5 foot pool to find out we weren't aloud to have one without a fence.

How much does a split rail fence cost in Colorado?

A split rail fence will cost approximately 4 dollars per foot. The cost of the entire split rail fence will be dependent upon the length of the split rail fence.

Can you buy a six foot garden gnome?

Most likely, but buying a 6 foot garden gnome is usually just for freaks like /you/. Usually.