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24+24+20+20=88 yards of Fencing

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Q: How much fencing is needed if the yard measures 24 by 20 yd?
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How much fencing is needed if your yard is 170ft by 93ft?

Assuming you are fencing the perimeter of this yard, it would be 526. This is because you multiply 170 by 2 (there are two sides of this length) to get 340, then multiply 93 by 2 to get 186. 340+186=526. You would need 526 feet of fencing.

How much fencing is needed to fence a front yard that measures 65 feet long and 45 feet wide and a backyard that is 35 feet wide and 45 feet wide?

From what i understand, there are 2 yards to enclose with fencing, both of which are rectangular in shape. Am i correct?The rule for calculating the perimeter (that is what they are asking you to calculate) for a rectangle islength + length + width + widthThen, the amount of fencing required to fence the front yard will be65 + 65 + 45 + 45 = 220 feetFor the back yard, the amount of fencing that is required will be35 + 35 + 45 + 45 = 160 feet

What is a yard stick and what does it measures?

a yard stick is a stick the length of a yard and it measures yards

Why is perimeter important in math?

It helps you in real life situations such as how much fencing to put around your yard.

How much fencing would I need to enclose my square yard that is 65 yards on a side?

260 yards

What instrument measures a yard?

A yard stick

If fencing costs 15 dollars a yard and you need 389 feet of fencing how much will the fence cost to put around a yard?

389 feet of fencing is equal to 129 2/3 yards. 129 2/3 times 15 = $1945

Who pays for yard crashers?

The transformation budgets usually start about $20,000. The show pays for whatever might be needed - everything from landscaping to patios or fencing.

How many 3 foot wide pieces of fencing are needed to surround the perimeter of a yard that is 15 ft long and 24 ft wide?

26 pieces completely encloses the yard, without a door.

Vinyl Fencing?

form_title= Vinyl Fencing form_header= Install fencing and protect your love ones. What is the square footage of your yard?*= _ [50] What color do you want the fencing?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove old fencing?*= () Yes () No

Chain Link Fencing?

form_title= Chain Link Fencing form_header= Install a chain link fence in your yard! What is the size of your yard?*= _ [50] Do you need to keep pets insider your yard?*= () Yes () No How tall do you want the fence?*= _ [50]

Bamboo Fencing ?

form_title= Bamboo Fencing form_header= Fence in your yard naturally with bamboo! What is the size of your yard?*= _ [50] Do you currently own bamboo?*= () Yes () No How high would you like the bamboo?*= _ [50]

What measures distance and direction?


How much sog is needed to cover a yard that measures 20 meters by 15 meters?

-- Exactly 300 square meters. -- That's about the same as 3,229 square feet or 359 square yards.

How much fencing should you buy to fence a yard that measures 20 yards by 15 yards?

The perimeter of a rectangle measuring 20 yards by 15 yards is 2*20 + 2*15 = 40 + 30 = 70 yards.

Chain Link Fencing Installation?

form_title=Install Chain Link Fencing form_header=Keep pets and children safely in the yard, without blocking the view. Do you have a pool that might require a special gate?= () Yes () No What is the size of the yard you are fencing in?=_ Do you own any dogs?= () Yes () No

Find the unit rate for 11.98 for 2 yards of fencing?

5.99 per yard

Tom's yard measure 56 feet in length and 31 feet in width how much fencing does he need to buy to fence in his whole yard?

Perimeter is 56+31+56+31 = 174 feet of fence.

What instrument measures the top of your desk?

a yard stick

How many feet of fencing do you need to fence a rectangular yard that is 35ft by 75ft?

220 ft.

What instrument measures the length of a desk?

A tape measure. A yard.

How many yards are on a yard stick?

It's called a yard stick because it measures 1 yard. (1 yard - 3 feet)

How many square yard in one yard?

it doesn't quite work like that. A SQUARE yard means that it is a square, but each side measures a yard.

Is a yard the same as square yard?

No. A yard measures a straight line, which is 3 feet long. A square yard measures a square that is 3 feet long on each side. Multiply two sides to get the total area of a square yard. So a yard is 3 feet long and a square yard covers an area of 9 feet.

Can you put electric fencing in your yard?

In an urban or suburban environment it might be governed by local zoning laws.