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The perimeter of a rectangle measuring 20 yards by 15 yards is 2*20 + 2*15 = 40 + 30 = 70 yards.

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You should buy 70 yards.

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Q: How much fencing should you buy to fence a yard that measures 20 yards by 15 yards?
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How much fencing is needed if the yard measures 24 by 20 yd?

24+24+20+20=88 yards of fencing

Mr. Anders want to put a fence around his backyard. His backyard is rectangular. The lengths of the sides are 75 yards 45 yards 75 yards and 45 yards. How much fencing will Mr Anders need?

240 yards

How much fencing is needed to fence a front yard that measures 65 feet long and 45 feet wide and a backyard that is 35 feet wide and 45 feet wide?

From what i understand, there are 2 yards to enclose with fencing, both of which are rectangular in shape. Am i correct?The rule for calculating the perimeter (that is what they are asking you to calculate) for a rectangle islength + length + width + widthThen, the amount of fencing required to fence the front yard will be65 + 65 + 45 + 45 = 220 feetFor the back yard, the amount of fencing that is required will be35 + 35 + 45 + 45 = 160 feet

How much do steel fence posts cost?

the price of steel fencing depends on how many yards of steel you are going to need, how high you want your fence, and the shape of your yard. it also depends on how many posts you will need. steel fence posts average about $4 a piece.

How many feet of fence to build a fence 30 yards long and 12 yards wide?

84 yards ie 252 feet

How much fence is needed for 20 yds by 15 yds?

If you are calculating a rectangular yard with two sides each of 20 yards and two shorter sides each of 15 yards the total length of fence required would be 20 yards + 20 yards + 15 yards + 15 yards which = 70 yards of fence.

How long is 85 yards of fencing?

Because yards are units of length, the question contains its own answer: 85 yards.

What things would you measure in yards?

a fence

If fencing costs 15 dollars a yard and you need 389 feet of fencing how much will the fence cost to put around a yard?

389 feet of fencing is equal to 129 2/3 yards. 129 2/3 times 15 = $1945

What is 28 grams times 39 yards?

Impossible; grams are measures of weight and yards are measures of length.

How much fencing would I need to enclose my square yard that is 65 yards on a side?

260 yards

Oliver constructs a fence around a garden that is 24ft by 36ft How many Yards of fencing does oliver need?

Oliver needs 40 yards, because 24 + 24 +36 + 36 = 120 feet (perimeter of garden). Since there are 3 feet in a yard you would then divide 120 by 3 to get 40 yards! :)

What was a cricket pitch measures in?

Yards, a pitch = 22 yards

What is 13 yards long?

A fence A rope A driveway

The fence is 24 feet long on 1 side How many yards long is the fence?


How many yards are in 8 milileters?

Yards and milliliters are two different units of measurement. Yards measures distance while milliliters measures volume.

How many square yards in a cubic square yard?

There are cubic yards and there are square yards There are no cubic square yards. You can't convert square yards into cubic yards; one measures area, the other measures volume.

If around a garden is 24 feet by 36 feet how many yards of fencing does Oliver need?

40 yards

How many feet in 5 cubic yards?

None. Feet are linear measures while cubic yards are measures of volume.

What is the total length in yards of fencing needed to enclose a rectangular area 1152 feet by 96 feet?

832 yards

How many yards of fencing are needed if the backyard is 90 feet wide and 120 feet long?

Assuming all four sides are being fenced, 420 feet of fencing is required, which converts to 140 yards.

Farmer john has 100 yards of fence to put around his garden what shape should he make to maximize the gardens area?


How many yards of fencing will you need to fence 25 acre field exactly .25 miles apart?

The question suffers from a few problems:Problem #1:The closer we read the question, the less sense it makes. What is 0.25 miles apart ?The pieces of the field ? The fence-posts ? Nothing we can think of seems like a reasonableassumption. So you know what ? We're just going to ignore that part of the question,and talk about the length of fencing you'll need.Problem #2:The area doesn't tell you the perimeter. Your 25 acres could have an infinitenumber of different shapes and sizes, and every one of them would take adifferent amount of fencing to enclose it.If you want to use the absolute minimum amount of fence, then you want the25 acres in the shape of a circular field, 392.5 yards in diameter. Then thecircumference of the circle is 3,700 ft. = 1,233.1yards. (rounded)If you definitely want straight sides around the plot, then you want it in theshape of a square with sides of 347.9 yards. The perimeter of the square is4174.2 ft = 1,391.4 yards. (rounded)That's the minimum. If it's a rectangle and not square, then the longer andskinnier it is, the more fence it needs ... while keeping the same constant areaof 25 acres. For example:-- If it's 242 yds by 500 yds, it's 25 acres, and you need 1,484 yards of fence to enclose it.-- If it's 121 by 1,000 yds, it's still 25 acres, but you need 2,242 yards of fence to enclose it.-- If it's 44 by 2,750 yds, it's still 25 acres, but you need 5,588 yards to enclose it.

If Total fencing around a square field is 80 yards the field has an area of how many sq yards?

A=400 s=20

How much area does 100 yards of fence enclose?

It can enclose any area between zero and 795 square yards.If the field is 49.9999 yards long and 0.0001 yard wide, then the perimeter is 100 yardsand the area is 0.0049999 square yard.The greatest possible enclosed area with a given amount of fence and straight sides is a square. With 100 yardsof fence, the square that's 25 yards on a side encloses 625 square yards of land.The greatest possible enclosed area with a given amount of fence and any shape is a circle. With 100 yards of fence,the circle with a circumference of 100 yards has a diameter of 31.83 yards, and encloses an area of 795.77 square yards. (the number is rounded)