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this depends on the rate at which your car burns fuel

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Q: How much gas do you use traveling 6 miles?
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Would you use the same amount of gas if you travel 70 miles per hour for 200 miles as you would traveling 60 miles per hour for 200 miles?

No, you would use more.

If your traveling 3000 miles and gas is 4.00 per gallon and the car gets 18 miles per gallon how much would that cost?

You will use about 167 gallons of gasoline on the trip. The 3,000-mile trip would cost about $668.00 in fuel.

If you have to drive 300 miles and you get 13 miles to gallon how much gas will you use?

its is very simple 300/13=23.07 gallons of gas

How much will gas cost if you travel 1200 miles at 3.25 per gallon?

It depends on how much gas you use per mile.

How much for gas 200omiles in a car get 10 miles to the gallon gas is 4.50 a gallon?

In 200 miles you use 20 gallons - at 4.50 per , that is $90

If gas is 2.90 a gallon and you use 6 miles worth of gas how much did it cost you?

That would depend upon how many miles the vehicle gets to the gallon.

A truck uses 15 gallons to travel 180 miles How much gasoline will the truck use to travel 252 miles?

What you first need to do is figure out how many miles you can travel on one gallon of gas. And then multiply this by how far you're traveling.

How much gas does a car use for 8 miles?

Depends on the milage the car gets.

What metric unit would you use to measure traveling?


If a car gets 25mpg how much gas would you use in 10 miles?

(10 miles) / (25 miles per gallon) = 0.4 gallon

How much gas does a bus use per km?

6.1 miles per us gallon

How much gas will a 28 mpg car use driving 580 miles?

20.71 gallons.