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What you first need to do is figure out how many miles you can travel on one gallon of gas. And then multiply this by how far you're traveling.

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180 milesΓ·15

15 gallonsΓ·15.

15Γ·180=12. 12 miles

                                       1 gallon.           =12
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Q: A truck uses 15 gallons to travel 180 miles How much gasoline will the truck use to travel 252 miles?
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How many gallons of gasoline does a standard size truck hold?

My 2009 Chevrolet Silverado holds 26 gallons of gasoline.

How far can a semi-truck travel with 300 gallons of gas?

It wouldn't go very far at all. Semi trucks use diesel, which is a fuel oil - not refined gasoline. On 300 gallons of diesel, you could be looking at 1300 - close to 3000 miles, all things dependent. 2000 - 2500 is expected.

How many gallons of gas would it take to travel 290 miles?

My truck gets 14 miles per gallon so it would take 290/14=about 21 gallons. My Honda gets 28 miles per gallon so it would take 290/28=about10.5 gallons.

On a trip of 320 miles Bob's truck averaged 9.2 miles per gallon At the same rate How much gasoline would his truck use on a trip of 440 miles?

440 miles / 9.2 miles per gallon = 47.8 gallons, to the justified number of significant digits (9.2 is limiting; the depressed 8 indicates that it may not be significant).

How many gallons of gasoline can you carry in your truck in Georgia?

Up to 1000 lbs. before a hazmat endorsement is required.

IF a truck traveled 150 in 2.5 hours how miles will the truck drive in 1 hour?

The truck will travel 60 miles in one hour.

How many miles can you drive with a gallon of gasoline?

My old truck gets 11mpg, so I can go 11 miles.

What size extinguisher is required on a pick up truck with a gasoline tank of less than 100 gallons?

There is no general requirement to have ANY fire extinguisher on a pickup truck.

How many gallons of gas woould be needed to drive 2000 if a truck gets 16 miles per gallon?

To get the number of gallons, simply divide the distance by the miles per gallon. 2000 miles / 16 mpg = 125 gallons

How many gallons of diesel does an 2008 f350 5.4 Ford truck hold?

The Ford 5.4 liter V8 engine is a ( GASOLINE ENGINE )

How many gallons of gasoline do you use in a mile?

My old truck gets about 10 mpg, that is 1/10 of a gallon used per mile.

What is best way to calculate fuel mileage on a diesel truck?

miles/gallons in tank= milage

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