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There are 4 hours 5 minutes in 245 minutes

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Q: How much hours are in 245 minute?
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No, if you have to go more than every two or three hours, see your Doctor.

What are the prime factors factors of 245?

5 and 7 5 x 7 x 7 = 245

How long does it take to travel 53 miles going 70 mph?

Speed(miles/hours) * Time(hours) = Distance(miles) -------> As you can see => miles/hours * hours = miles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Therefore : Distance = 53 miles Speed = 75 miles/hours Time = ? Just substitute: 75 * Time = 53; ---------------> you get Time = 53/75 = 0.706 hours one hour is 60 minute: therefore : 60 * 0.706 = 42.36 minutes one minute is 60 sec: 60 * 0.36 = 21.6 sec ----> 42 minutes and 21 sec

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How the minute hand gain 55 minutes on the hour hand?

55 min. spaces are gained by minute hand in 60 min period. to find how many spaces it has actually gained, we need to fix a standard point first..!! with respect to it, we need to see the difference by how much is it actually varying..!! so let us assume the standard point to be the place where the minutes hand and hours hand has been coincided..!! i may be 12:00 ,1.06, 2.11,3.17...etc..from there..60 minutes implies the minute hand must come back to the same point where it has started..!! is it not..?? now, 60 minute passed and so minute hand covers 60 minute spaces. And the hour hand advances by 5 minute spaces..!! so from the standard point fixed initially (we assumed the standard point is where the minute point and hours hand were coinciding..also..60 minutes will be passed when the minute hand comes back to the same position from where it started) now, there is an absolute 60 min spaces covered by minute hand in 60 min and then there is 5 min spaces advanced by hour hand in 60 min period..!! so on total.. total advancement is 60-5 = 55 minute spaces..!!

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