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Q: How much is 10 feet of water head in bar?
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What head of water equals 1.5 bar?

BAR is 60ft head of water

What depth equals 20 bar?

One Bar is 10.2 Meters of fresh water or 9.0 meters of saltwater. it is 204 meters for fresh water. and 180 meters in salt water. :-)

What head of water is required to produce 0.2Bar at the hot tap?

1 bar = 10 metres of water head - so 0.2 bar = 2 metres.

Convert meter head to bar?

1m head of water is equivalent to 9.81kn/m2 or 9.81 kpa. 1 bar = 98.1kpa (approx 100) so 1m head = 0.1 bar, 10m head = 1 bar and so on.

How much is 20 bar in feet?

"Bar is the unit of pressure and feet is the unit of length." While this is true, a bar in terms of pressure is 1 bar at sea level. If you go under water 33 feet, it's another bar, so you'd be feeling 2 bars or atmospheres and so on. You'll see some watch ratings in terms of meters, feet, bars, or atmospheres (atm).

How much water pressure would you get from a 80000 liter tank with 35 meter head?

You get a pressure of about 1 atmosphere (or bar) for every 10 meters.Note:The pressure has nothing to do with the volume of water behind it.It only depends on the depth or head.1 meter = 9,794.7 pa35 meters = 342.815 kpa35 meters = 114.83 feet = 49.72 psiThese figures are only for water in the tank.

How many feet below sea level equals 10 Bar?

1 Bar represents one atmosphere of air pressure. 10 Bar is approximately equal to 100 Meters of water depth. 1 meter = 3.28083989501 feet. It follows that 100 meters = 328.083989501 feet. Therefore, 10 Bar is approximately equal to the expected pressure at 328.083989501 feet of water depth (not sea level).

How deep is 25 bar in water depth?

239 meters or 784 feet.

What will the water pressure be in bar in a 3rd story flat if the ground level is 3 bar?

There is a pressure difference in the building only if the system referred to is NOT a closed system. In a closed, pressurized pipe system the pressure is the same throughout. If open, assuming 3 stories x 10 feet/story, one would add the pressure equivalent to 30 feet of water head.

What is the recommended water pressure in meters head of water at the basin tap?

The recommended water pressure is 0.5 to 1 bar

What would the water pressure be at 20 feet?

20 bar of pressure is about 200 ft.

What would be the vertical head of water in meters required to create 1 bar at the base?

10.332 metres.