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1 Billion equal to 1000000000

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Q: How much is 1billion in INR equal?
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100 rupees is equal to how much RMB?

100 INR is equal to the13.227 RMB. 1 yuan is equal to 7.56 INR ok, i hope you understand.

1billion equal to how much lakh?

1 lakh = 100,0001 billion = 1,000,000,000 = 10,000 lakh

1billion equal to how many crores?

100 crores

How many INR is equal to 1 million?

The question does not specify 1 million what. 1 million INR is equal to 10 lakh INR.

How many INR is equal to 6 pence?

4.35371 INR (As of February 15, 2010) One British pound is equal to approximately 72.56 INR.

One pond is equal to how much rupees?

Rs. 77.6188 INR. Baljinder singh

How much Indian rupees is equal to 150 million dollars?

Its Around 750,00,00,000 INR

One deutsch mark is equal to how many INR?

one deutsche bundes bank mark is equal to how many inr

70 million us dollar equal how much in Indian rupee?

Around 3,145,772,000 INR

How much is Patrick roy worth?


How much is INR 3.5 crore?

It is INR 3,50,00,000.

1CAD equal to How many INR's?


INR 20 million?

INR 20 Million or Rs. 2 crores is approximately equal to $400,000 (1$=50 INR approx.)

500000pound sterling equal to how much rupees?

£500,000 GBP = 37,259,104.97 INR India Rupees

How much is one pound today in UK equal to Indian money?

100.061 INR or around 100

How much is 1000k in American dollars?

it is 1billion dollars

16k is equal to how many rupees?

16,000 INR

How much is 1GBP in INR equal?

As of today 2008.06.28 1GBP = 85.46INR Check at if you are reading this in the future :)-------------------------check for up-to-date exchange rates ... GBP to INR

How much Indian rupees is equal to 1 dirhams?

1 Moroccan dirham = 5.83969466 Indian rupees 27.01.09 Just serch Dirhams to INR E.g USD to INR

How much is 6.2 million in INR?

It is 6.2 million INR, obviously!

How much is 1 Saudi Rial equal to in Indian Rupees?

As at 16Oct09 1 SAR was worth 12.33 INR.

How much money do marinebiologist get paid?

1billion dollars a second

How much would people pay for 1958?

1billion dollars

How much does john mikel obi worth?

1billion naire

How much does knee arthroscopy cost in India?

30000 inr-50000 inr