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0.116 pounds per cubic inch

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Q: How much is 200 pounds per cubic foot in a cubic inch is it?
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How much does 1 cubic inch of limestone weigh?

The density of limestone varies from something on the order of 110 pounds per cubic foot (a shade over 1 ounce per cubic inch) to over 160 pounds per cubic foot (about 1.5 ounces per cubic inch).

How much does a square foot of a one inch steel plate weigh?

Steel is typically 490 lb/cubic foot. There are 1,728 square inches in a cubic foot which means that each cubic inch weighs about .284 pounds (just a bit over a quarter of a pound per square inch).

How much does a cubic foot of quarter inch ball bearings weigh?

If you mean a container with a volume of 1 cubic foot, then: 1/4 inch ball = 0.0082 cu. inch weigh of each ball (steel) = 0.0023 pounds approx. 73.6 balls per cubic inch (allowing for spherical interlocking) 1728 cubic inches ( one cubic foot) x 73.6 x 0.0023 = 292 pounds. So a cu. ft. container will hold close to 300 pounds of quarter inch steel balls.

How much is a 120 inch pound in foot pounds?

120 inch pounds = 10 foot pounds.

28000 square feet of water that is 8.5 inches deep weighs how much?

28,000 square feet x (8.5 inch / 12 inch per foot) = 19,833.3 cubic ft19,833.3 cubic ft x 62.38 pounds per cubic foot = 1,237,203 pounds1,237,203 pounds / 2,000 pounds per ton = 618.6 tons

How much larger is one cubic foot than one cubic inch?

1 cubic foot = 1,728 cubic inches

How much is 5 foot pounds in inch pounds?

Such that there are 12 inches in one foot, there are 12 inch pounds in one foot pound. Therefore, 5 foot pounds is equal to 12 x 5 = 60 inch pounds.

Water weighs 62.5 pounds per cubic foot. One gallon is 231 cubic inches. How much does one gallon weigh?

Convert cubic foot into inches= 1728. Divide 62.5 by 1728 for weight per cubic inch. Multiply weight per cubic inch by 231 (whats in one gallon) which equals 8.355.

How much does one cubic foot of silver weigh?

Depending on its density, about 0.708lbs per cubic inch. Much heavier than lead.

How much does a 8 foot by 10 foot by one inch steel plate weigh?

Using density of steel @ 490.06 pounds per cubic foot (approx) 8 * 10 * (1/12) * 490.06 = 3267.07 pounds (approx)

How much does a cubic foot of crushes coal weigh?

Pulverised coal = 38 pounds per cubic foot

How much does 23 foot by 23 foot by 6 inch concrete weigh?

23*12=276 276*276*6=457056 cubic inches = 264.5 cubic feet 264.5*145 (unreinforced)=38352.5 pounds 264.5*150 (reinforced)=39675 pounds