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1 cubic foot = 1,728 cubic inches

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Q: How much larger is one cubic foot than one cubic inch?
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How much is 200 pounds per cubic foot in a cubic inch is it?

0.116 pounds per cubic inch

How many cubic foot in a pint?

none. a cubic foot is much larger than a pint.

How much does a cubic foot of bronze weigh?

Weight per cubic inch is: .307

How much does 1 cubic inch of limestone weigh?

The density of limestone varies from something on the order of 110 pounds per cubic foot (a shade over 1 ounce per cubic inch) to over 160 pounds per cubic foot (about 1.5 ounces per cubic inch).

How much does a square foot of a one inch steel plate weigh?

Steel is typically 490 lb/cubic foot. There are 1,728 square inches in a cubic foot which means that each cubic inch weighs about .284 pounds (just a bit over a quarter of a pound per square inch).

How much water per cubic foot simulates an inch?

1 milliliter is the answer you want though you asked the question in a confusing way, if you have a cubic foot of water a cubic inch of that water is 1 milliliter, assuming that's what you were asking

How much water does a 18 foot by 9 foot by 52 inch pool hold?

It holds 702 cubic feet.

How much larger is a 440 cubic inch engine when it is bored 0.30 over?

It is about 446 cid

How much inch is in a cubic inch?

Inch is a length. Cubic inch is a volume. The question is wrong.

How to convert Cubic inches into feet?

1 cubic foot equals 1,728 cubic inches.Calculate the volume of your cube in cubic inches by multiplyingthe length x the width x the depth = answer in cubic inchesdivide by 12answer in cubic inches/12 = answer in cubic feetexample12 cubic inches / 12 = 1 cubic footDivide the number of cubic inches by 1728 to convert cubic inches to cubic feet.There are 12 x 12 x 12 cubic inches in a cubic foot, so it is a much larger unit of volume.Decimal ValueOne cubic inch equals .0005787 cubic feet. So you can multiply the cubic inch value by 0.0005787 to get the value in cubic feet. One cubic inch is 1/1728 cubic feet.

How much does cubic foot of stone weight?

a cubic foot of water

How much concrete will you need for a 18 foot by 32 foot slab?

18x32 feet by 4 inches thick: 7.1 cubic yards. For a 6-inch slab, 10.7 cubic yards.

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