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Two Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars... - 220,000

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Q: How much is 2 percent of 11 million dollars?
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What is 10 percent of 11 million dollars?

10% of 11,000,000 = 1,100,000

How much extra money on your electric bills are due to Christmas lights?

Around 7 to 11 percent extra to your bill average about 70 dollars to 110 dollars Around 7 to 11 percent extra to your bill average about 70 dollars to 110 dollars

How much is 11 million pounds in USD?

11 million British pounds = 17.1556 million U.S. dollars as of 2011-12-05. See related links for latest.

How much did it cost to make the Italian job?

It cost around 10 million dollars and nearly cost 11 million dollars as there were going to be more cars and scenes.

What is 11 percent of a million?

11% of a million = 1 million*11/100 = 110 thousand.

How much did 1st Star Wars cost?

11 million dollars in 1977 money

How much money does Chipper Jones make in one year?

His 2008 salary is 11 million dollars.

How much did it cost o build Apollo 11?

355 million dollars which in today's money (2012) is $2,292,842,166.02

How much money does manny pacquiao have in dollars?

10 million which is a lot because he can afford a 11 million house but hes a politician so he might get it for free

How much money a film assistant director earn?

A film assistant director can get a salary of over a million dollars if they get to work on a major movie production. The director of a major film can get up to 11 million dollars in salary.

How much did Apollo 11 mission cost?

The Apollo 11 Mission cost 355 Million dollars in 1969 (which equates to 1.75 billion in todays terms).

What is 11 percent of 30000 dollars?

$30000 * 11/100 = $3300

What is 20 percent of 55 dollars?

11 dollars. 20% = 1/5 1/5 of 55 dollars = 11 dollars

What is 25 percent of 44.00 dollars?


How much does ben Wallace get paid a year?

ben Wallace used to get payed 10 million a year but the went to the caviliers now he gets payed 11 million dollars

How many zeros in 11 million dollars?

Six of them.

How much did the Apollo 11 eagle cost?

We must remember that it would cost less in 1969, it was a few million dollars, now it could reach a billion dollars due to inflation.

What is 3 percent of 11 dollars?

33 cents.

What is 3 percent interest on 11 thousand dollars?

11000*3/100 = 330 dollars.

What is 25 percent of 11 million?

25% of 11,000,000 = 2,750,000

What percent of 7 billion is 11 million?

It is approx 0.16%.

What is 1 percent of 11 million?

1% = 0.01 0.01 x 11 000 000 = 110 000

How much is 17 million dollars in Indian rupees?

Rs 83 Cr 30 Lakh .... 8,330,000,000

How much days is in 11 million minutes?

11 million minutes = 7639 approx.

How much is it costing to produce the musicals that are on Broadway?

According to the Documentary "'Show Business", 9 to 11 million dollars is the average today. In interviews about "Spamalot" , Eric Idle has stated that that show has cost 11 million, But this includes lawyers, cast album, out-of-town try outs etc.