How much is 35 2s and a 1?

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If you mean 35 times 2 plus 1 then it is 71

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Q: How much is 35 2s and a 1?
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How many 2s does 35 has?

It has 17 of them with a remainder of 1

How fast does the hpi firestorm flux go with 2s?

About 30-35 mph

How do you determine the equation for the perpendicular bisector of the straight line joining the points s 2s and 3s 8s?

A = (s, 2s), B = (3s, 8s) The midpoint of AB is C = [(s + 3s)/2, (2s + 8s)/2] = [4s/2, 10s/2] = (2s, 5s) Gradient of AB = (8s - 2s)/(3s - s) = 6s/2s = 3 Gradient of perpendicular to AB = -1/(slope AB) = -1/3 Now, line through C = (2s, 5s) with gradient -1/3 is y - 5s = -1/3*(x - 2s) = 1/3*(2s - x) or 3y - 15s = 2s - x or x + 3y = 17s

What is 35 over 35 in simplest form?

1/1 which is pretty much 1.

What is Miley Cyrus feet size?

5 and 1/2's, 6s, 6 1/2s, 7s, and 7 1/2s

How much Punch for 35 people?

35 times 1 = 35 punches in the face.

What is the perpendicular bisector equation joining the points of s 2s and 3s 8s on the Cartesian plane showing work?

Points: (s, 2s) and (3s, 8s) Slope: (8s-2s)/(3s-s) = 6s/2s = 3 Perpendicular slope: -1/3 Midpoint: (s+3s)/2 and (2s+8s)/2 = (2s, 5s) Equation: y-5s = -1/3(x-2s) => 3y-15s = -1(x-2s) => 3y = -x+17x Perpendicular bisector equation in its general form: x+3y-17s = 0

What is 2s plus 17 equals 2s plus 17?

2s + 17 = 2s + 17 1) First, you want to start on the left side of the equation and subtract 17 from both sides. 2s = 2s 2) Then, you take the 2 on the left side and divide it on both sides. s = s 3) You are left with s (Or 1s) on both sides, so s = 1.

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What is the top speed of a bullet st flux RC?

35-40 mph with 2s lipo battery

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