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it is 400 grams or one fourth of a kilogram

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Q: How much is 4 tenths of a kilogram?
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How many ounces is 4 tenths?

4 tenths what? kilogram? pound? tonne? solar mass?

What is 7 tenths of a kilogram in decimal form?

0.7 kilogram.

What is 1 and four tenths in kilogram?

1.4 kg

How many grams are there in 9 tenths of a kilogram?


Is 4 tenths equal to 40 tenths?

No.4 tenths isnot equal to 40 tenths.4 tenths is less than 40 tenths.4 tenths = 4/10 = 0.440 tenths = 40/10 = 4

How many grams in 1 tenths of a kilogram?

100 grams. 1000 grams is one kilogram.

How much is 4 kilogram?

4 kg = 8.81849 lb

How much is 4 tenths of 60?

4/10 of 60 is 24

How many grams are there in 3 tenths of a kilogram?

300 g

How do you write three-tenths of a kilogram?

Either 0.3kg or 300g

How much is 4 kilogram at 1.70 a kilogram?

4kg x $1.70/kg = $6.80

What is 3 tenths of a kilogram?

# tenth of a kilogram is 300 grams

How much is 4 ounce in kilogram?

4 ounces = 0.1134 kg

How much is 4 ounces in kilogram?

0.11 kilo

How much is forty tenths in numerals?

40/10 = 4

How much is 4 tenths of a meter?

0.4m or 40cm or 400mm

What fraction of a kilogram is 900 grams?

9/10 (nine-tenths)

How do you write six tenths of a kilogram?

0.6 Kilograms or 600 grams.

How many grams are there in 8 and 3 tenths of a kilogram?

8300 g

What is the place value of the 4 in 859.43?

The 4 is in the tenths' place.

How many tenths in 0.04?

There are no tenths and 4 hundredths, but 4 hundredths are 0.4 tenths.

How much is 4 tenths of a mile in feet?

4/10 of a mile is 2112 feet

Which is greater 4 tenths and 2 hundreds or 2 tenths and 4 hundreds?

2 tenths and 4 hundreds

How much is 4lb in kilogram?

4 pounds is 1.81 kilograms.

What is 5 minus 6 tenths?

4 and 4 tenths...