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The solution is positive 5.

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Q: How much is 7 plus 7 minus 4 times 2 split in half?
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How much is a pint and half?

2 pints minus a half

How much is 98 split in half?


How much is 3 times 3 minus 3?


How much is 2 times 8 minus 7?


Can you split Tylenol number 3 in half?

Yes, but you have no way of knowing exactly how much medication is in each half.

Why did the Titanic split in two?

The reason why the Titanic split into 2 was because the back half rose so high that it split in 2, because it was too much for the middle.

How much is 4 and one half minus three sixteenths?

4 and 18 over 32

How much is four times seven minus six divided by two?


How much is 4 times 7 minus 6 divided by 2?


How much is one half cup minus one third cup?

The final amount is 1/6 of a cup.

At play n trade how much is it to fix a ds?

it is about 100 dollars i think but it is only if it is split in half

Why is the answer to 8 times two thirds exactly half of the answer to 8 times one third?

It's not half as much, it is twice as much. And it is twice as much, precisely because 2/3 is twice as much as 1/3.

How much is minus 10 less minus twenty?

Minus 30

What things cannot be divided in half?

If they can split the atom, they can pretty much divide anything. If you're wondering what cannot be divided in half evenly, that would be odd numbers.

How much does 4 go into 98?

24 and a half times

What is minus plus minus be?

Pretty much nonsense.

How much of the moon is actually lit by the sun at all times?


Assuming that the earth was somehow split in half can you fall off the edge of the one half of the earth?

Hopefully, this is a thought experiment! It is gravitational attraction that keeps objects "stuck" to the Earth, so if the Earth split into half, you would still be attracted to it - although by half as much (as the mass of the Earth would have been halved). So you still couldn't fall off.

I have a 1935a paper dollar The dollar is split in half and both front and back faces are in two pieces Is these valuable?

The 1935 1 Dollar Silver certificate is worth about $75 in fine condition - without tears. A note split in half may still have some value, but not much.

1500000000 minus 138000000 equals how much?

1.5 billion minus 1.38 billion equals how much??

How much is a twenty times three minus three?

If it is 20(3-3) it is equal to 0. 20X3-3= 57

How much do 100 watering cans cost?

100 times the price of one watering can, minus 5% for bulk discount.

What is twice as much as half of what you started with?

Four times as much as what you started with divided into four equal parts.

How much does antimony weigh?

Antimony has a density of about 6.69 times that of water, and almost half as much as lead.

How much is 300 minus 127?

300 minus 127 is 173.