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Q: How much is 8 inch?
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How much is 8 tenths of an inch?

8/10 of an inch is the same as 4/5 of an inch or .8 inches

Does 25th inch 1 8th of an inch?

No, 1/8 is much larger.

How much postage needed for 6 inch x 8 inch envelope?


How much liquid does a 8 inch cube hold?

8*8*8 = 512 cubic inches.

How much should a 4 ft 8 inch boy weigh?

about 80-90 punds is ok for a 4ft 8 inch boy

How much is 8 millemeters in inches?

There are 25.4 millimeters in an inch, so 8 mm is a bit less than 1/3 of an inch.

How much data can a 8 inch floppy disk hold?

The highest density 8 inch floppy can hold a little over 1.2 MB. The smallest density 8 inch floppy can hold 80 KB.

If you have a 8 inch penis and its 6 inch around and you just turned 15 how much bigger will it get?


How much does a 1 foot of 8 inch pipe weigh?

8 inch lead pipe? plastic pipe? steel pipe? square? triangular?

How much feet is 246cm?

(8 feet 27⁄32 inch)

How thick is 8 inch by 12 inch ceramic?

Ceramic tiles come in various thickness, a 8 x 12 could be 1/8 if it's a wall tile or as much as 3/8 if a floor tile.

How much is eight tenths of an inch?

8/10" is roughly .067'

How much should a 4 foot 8 inch girl weigh?

a 4 ft 8 inch person should ewight bwetween 98-110 pounds.

What is 2 inches rounded to the nearest eighth inch?

It is indeed 2 inches, although it's equivalent improper fraction is 16/8 (units of 1/8 inch; 8 times or 8/8,s of an inch for 1 inch and 2 8/8,s of an inch totals 16/8)

.68 inch to the nearest eighth of an inch?

It is nearly half way between 5/8 and 6/8 of an inch but just narrowly closer to 5/8 of an inch (0.625 inch)

If a scope moves one eighth inch at 100yds how much would it move at 500 yds?

5/8 of an inch.

How long is 5 8's of an inch?

5/8 of an inch

How much does twenty four millimeters equal?

approx 7/8 of an inch

How much does a 8 inch cinder block cost?

It all depends on where you buy it.

How much does a 2 inch x 4 inch x 8 foot weigh?

It depends on the material as well as the force of gravity.

8 grams equals how much onion?

Hard to be exact here but 10g is about 1/8 inch if that helps?

How tall you 8 feet 1 inch?

8 feet 1 inch

How many one eighths are in one inch?

There are 8 of them because 8/8 inches = 1 inch

How much does a four inch by four inch board cost?

4x4 is a POST, not a board. In Canada a common fir 4x4 is around $8.

8 mm equals how may inches?

1 inch = 25.4 mm8 mm = 8/25.4 inch = 0.315 inch

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