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Q: How much is a 25 ft utility pole?
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How much is 25 ft square?

It is 25 x 25 which equals 625

How much is 25 feet in meters?

82.02099738 ft Direct Conversion Formula 25 m* 1 ft 0.3048 m = 82.02099738 ft

How much dirt need to fill 25 ft by 35 ft and 15 ft deep for yard?

25-ft x 35-ft x 15-ft = 13,125 cubic feet = 4861/9 cubic yards

Circumference of the earth pole to pole?

24859.82 miles, or 131,259,850 ft

If a man 5 ft tall observes that the angle of depression of the base of the pole is 30 degrees and that the angle of elevation of the top of the pol is 60 degrees how high is the pole in feet?

25 feet

How do you determine the proper cable for 240V 3phase 15hp induction motor for a distance of 1000 ft?

This wouldn't be on a farm would it? 1000' line would need it's own utility pole, and transformer.

What is sq ft 16 ft x 25 ft?

16 ft * 25 ft = 16*25 = 400 sq ft.

A 15ft light pole cast a 25ft shadow a 20 foot light pole castes a X shadow?

15 / 25 = 20 / x Cross multiply and solve. 15*x=25*20 15x=500 x = 500/15 = 33.33 ft. ■

Measure the height of building 6 ft pole in shadow of building and covers shadow of building distance between pole and building 182ft pole cast shadow of 5.25ft how tall is building?

208 ft pole

How tall is a tree that is 10 feet shorter than a pole that is three times as tall as the tree?

5 ft (pole 15 ft)

How is a tree that casts a 28-ft shadow at the same time a 4-ft pole casts a shadow which is 9-ft long?

The height of the tree is in direct proportion to the pole and its shadow

How long is the 10.0 ft pole in meters?

10 ft. = 3.048 metres.