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$0.0702799 USD

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Q: How much is a 5 cent euro in the us?
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How much is a 5 cent euro worth in us money?


How much is a 5 cent euro in American dollars?

7,000 us dollars no joke I'm dead serious!

How many coins do Italians have?

The currency of Italy is the European EURO. they have 8 coins 1 euro cent 2 euro cent 5 euro cent 10 euro cent 20 euro cent 50 euro cent 1 euro 2 euro

How much is a 5 cent euro worth in American money?

It is not worth much . The last time I checked the Euro it took 1.75 to buy one Euro. This rate goes up and down daily and I haven't checked for awhile, but 5 cent Euro is less than 05 cents in US exchange rates. You can look up exchange rates online and it is rather interesting to do. A little like the stock market.

A coin used in Germany now?

Germany uses coins that are based on the euro. There are two euro coins, one euro coins, 50 cent euros, 20 cent, 10 cent, 5 cent, and 1 cent euro coins.

What is the value of a five cent euro?

5 cent euro coins (€0.05) have a value of one twentieth of 1 euro. Mass: 3.92 g The composition of the coin: Copper plated steel 94.35% stainless steel 5.65% copper The metal value is close to the 5 cent euro coin value. Making a 5 cent euro coin costs more than that. Images of 5 euro cents:

How much is a 5 cent euro 2005 Spain?

It's worth exactly 5 cents in any eurozone country.

How much is 5 euro eypo in us dollars?

6,6875 US-Dollar

How much is 500 euro in American money?

741.90 US$ is 500 Euro on 5 May 2011

What is the coin of Ireland?

The coinage of Ireland was formally the Irish pound (or punt Éireannach in Irish) until 2002 when it was replaced by the Euro (the most common currency in Europe).

How much is 5 million euro worth in us dollars?


What were the denominations of the french franc?

France uses the Euro, and as such has the same coins as other Euro nations. The (commonly circulating) coins are 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins. And banknotes in the denomination of 5 Euros, 10 Euros, 20 Euros, 50 Euros, 100 Euros, 200 Euros and 500 Euros.