How much is a 6 inch subway?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: How much is a 6 inch subway?
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How much is a 6 inch on white bread with turkey ham American cheese and mayo at Subway?

A 6-inch turkey, ham, and American cheese with mayo is 6 dollars at most Subway stores.

What is the length of a 6 inch subway in meters?

6in = 152.40mm .

How many calories in a 6 inch Subway Club?

There is 310 Calories in it.

What was yesterdays stock for subway?

its £5 for a foot long sub and £3 for 6 inch sub

How much is a six inch at Subway?

It would vary by city, State and region, and by what type sandwich you are ordering. Call your local Subway and ask.

How much does a 6 inch sub cost at subway?

Although Subway does offer a recommended pricing list, the final decision is left up to the owner (all of the franchises are independently owned and operated except for the one at their Headquarters). At the store I work at in Ohio, a six inch ranges from $3.79 to $4.89, and a six foot is $65. At british Columbia Canada. a tuna 6 inch is $4.08 Canadian. and a chicken teriyaki 6 inch is $5.24. Canadian ofcourse. and those are the only two ive ever tasted. any other recommendations?

How much cars are there in the battle subway?

there r 6 trains in it

How much is .06 of an inch?

It is 6 hundredths of an inch.

How much is .236 of an inch?

0.236 inch = 6 millimetres.

How much weight did Jared the Subway guy lose?

He lost 245 pounds, through a combination of diet and exercise. The diet consisted of a 6 inch sandwich for lunch and a 12 inch for dinner, no cheese or mayo. It is claimed that the exercise portion was mainly walking to and from Subway twice a day, but apparently he also walked to his college classes more once he got below 300 pounds.

How big is the Japanese subway?

Bloody big mate its gauge is 3foot 6 inch there is one inmost major cities not one for japan

How much postage needed for 6 inch x 8 inch envelope?