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If your penny is purple, it's probably only worth a penny.

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โˆ™ 2021-03-21 22:41:05
Ha funny it should be worth a red bucks
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โˆ™ 2021-03-21 22:41:52

Probaly 1$

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Q: How much is a purple penny worth these days?
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How much is a penny purple stamp worth?

There isn't any stamp that is called a penny purple. You need to describe the stamp - include country and if you can date and what is on the stamp.

How much is a one penny purple stamp worth?

The best answer is that it is 1,0000 pounds

How much is a 1792 Canadian penny worth?

well think about it how much is a penny worth

How much is a 2007 penny worth?

It's worth one penny.

How much does a 1957 penny worth?

A wheat penny is worth about $1,000,000

What year is the oldest penny and how much is worth?

the oldest penny is in the cavemen days and it is worth over 1,000,000 dollars if you find one if i were you i would sell it to a pawn shop that is rich...

How much is a 2013 penny worth?

A penny minted in 2013 is worth a penny, or 1 cent.

How much isis 1876 penny worth?

I don't probbaly is ๐Ÿšซ

How much is the a penny from 1811 worth?

A penny from the 1811 is worth $150.00 to $1,110.00.

How much is a 1981 Canada penny worth?

what is a 1981 canada penny worth?

How much is a ha penny worth?

1 penny

How much is 1904 Indian penny worth?

A penny

How much are leaf penny worth?

1 penny.

How much is a 1867-1992 penny worth?

a penny

How much was a penny worth in 1941?

A penny was worth a penny 1D in old money , there was 240 pennys to a pound.

How much is one penny weight of 10k gold worth?

how much is a penny weight of 10k gold worth

How much is a US penny worth from the 1870s?

A penny is always worth a penny no matter what.

What is 1955 double dye penny worth?

This penny is now worth as much as $1,500.

How much is a penny worth from the 1700s?

i have a 1700 penny and im wondering how much it will be ?

How much does a penny worth?

A common penny has a value of 1 penny only

How much is a united emirates penny worth in us?

A single UAE Penny is worth about .0027 USD or about 27% of a Penny

How much is a 1764 penny worth?


How much is a british penny from 1700 worth?

1 penny

How much was a penny worth in the 19th century?

A penny, or 1¢.

How much is a wheat penny from 53 worth?

one penny