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1 pound

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Q: How much is an item from a pound shop?
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How much will these items sell for typically at a pawn shop?

Depends on the item. Generally, a pawn shop will buy at 25-35% of the cost of the item or a similar item that is on a retail stores shelf that day.

In marapets how do you put an item in your shop?

Click the [shop] link when an item is in your inventory.

How much oz of dry item in one cup?

A pints a pound the world around. You do the math.

What item could be a benchmark for a pound?

A one pound rock.

What is an item that weighs exactly one pound?

Pound of sugar.

Where is the item shop in New York Mafia Wars?

the item shop is in the inventory tab. just go to the inventory and there you can see the shop.

If a jack nicklaus five pound note is signed how much is it worth?

$260 for the same item on eBay

How do you sell an item on Neopets fast?

you get a shop! and sell your items, then you go in your shop till, and click on withdraw and type how much you want to take out! :)

What fields are in a shop database?

The fields that are in a shop database are the items they are selling, and how much they cost. Also, it would add into how well that item is selling.

What are the item at ration shop?


How much does a pound of pecans cost at retail price?

How much a pound of pecans cost at retail price depends on where you shop and where in the country you live. In certain states the cost of a pound of pecans will cost more than they will in other states.

How many fluid oz equal a pound?

Actually, fluid ounces are a measurment of volume or how much space an item occupies, pounds are a measurment of weight or how heavy an item is.

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