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Q: How much is eight and four tenths in decimals?
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Related questions

How do you write eight and four tenths in decimals?

8.4Eight and four tenths can be expressed as 8.4. To the right of the decimal place/point, the first position is tenths, the second place is hundredths, and the third place is thousandths, fourth place is ten thousandths..etc..

How much is two fifths?

Two fifths is equivalent to four tenths, 0.4, or 40%, among an infinite number of other possible equivalent fractions, decimals, and percentages.

How much is four tenths out of ten?


How much bigger is two thirds to eight tenths?

Eight tenths simplified is 4/5ths. When both are converted into percentages, 4/5ths is obviously bigger. Two thirds is not bigger than eight tenths.

How much is two wholes and eight tenths as a decimal?


How much water does a potato have inside it?

about eight-tenths water

How much is eight tenths of an inch?

8/10" is roughly .067'

How much is eight tenths of a pound?

0.8 pounds is 12.8 ounces

When using models to divide decimals when might you want to use grids divided into tenths instead of hundredths?

Using grids divided into tenths instead of hundreds would make for much more efficient counting.

How much is sixteen and forty-eight hundredths plus three and two tenths?


how much is eight more four?


How are fractions different from decimals?

They're only used half as much Their presentation. A vulgar fraction can have a variety of bases like 1/4, 1/2, 3/8 etc., so it's not always east to compare. Decimals are always in tenths, so much more simple.

What is smaller 4.2 or 420?

420 is much larger than 4.2 -- Four Hundred and Twenty as opposed to Four and Two-Tenths

How much is 1.27 rounded by 10p?

1.27 rounded by the tens place is not possible. This is because the number is too small and does not even have a tens place value. If you did it by tenths for decimals it would be: 1.3

Howe much is eight more four?


How much is eight squared?

Eight squared is like saying you take eight multiplied by eight. In this case it equals out to sixty four.

How much is four pecks?

four pecks is equal to one bushel, or eight gallons

Is one tenth smaller than eight tenths?

1/10 (0.1) is much smaller than 8/10 (0.8)

How much does a cow weigh in decimals?

This is a senseless question. Decimals have no weight. Decimals are not a even a measure of weight.

How much is .468?

four hundred sixty eight thousandths

How much is 8 more 4?

Howe much is eight more four?

How much tenths are in 2.5?

2.5 is 2 and 5 tenths (or 25 tenths in total)

How much is 32 tenths?

32 tenths is 3.2.

How much in tenths is 0.1867?

It is 1.867 tenths.It is 1.867 tenths.It is 1.867 tenths.It is 1.867 tenths.

Why are fourths bigger than tenths?

Fourths are much bigger than tenths. They are so much bigger that it only takes FOUR of them to make one whole something. Tenths are smaller; it takes TEN of them to make the same whole something. Make 2 identical strawberry rhubarb pies. Cut one into FOUR equal pieces. Cut the other into TEN equal pieces. If you give out a piece from the one cut into 4 pieces, and a piece from the one cut into 10 pieces, which piece will be larger? The first pie is cut into fourths, and the second is cut into tenths.