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Q: How much is sixteen and forty-eight hundredths plus three and two tenths?
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How do you write in words form 3.016?

Three and sixteen thousandths.

Is three tenths greater than three one hundredths?

Yes three tenths is greater than three hundredths

Is three hundred sixteen hundredths the same as 0.316?

0.316 is the same as three hundred sixteen hundredths

How do you write 0.30 in word form?

0.30 = three tenths or thirty hundredths

How many hundreds in three tenths?

Three tenths = thirty hundredths.

What is sixteen and three hundreds as decimal?

sixteen and three hundreds = 316 sixteen and three hundredths = 16.03

What is the decimal number of seven and four tenths and three hundredths?

The decimal number of seven and four tenths and three hundredths is 7.43

What is Sixteen and three tenths in decimal?


What is 5.38 in tenths and hundreds?

Fifty-three tenths and eight hundredths

Is thirty one hundredths greater than three tenths?

Yes because thirty hundredths is like three tenths. since it is thirty-one hundredths it is more

How do you write 16.03 in words?

Sixteen and three hundredths.

How do you write 16.53?

sixteen and fifty-three hundredths

What is the decimal form of sixteen and three tenths?


What is sixteen and three tenths in decimal form?


Twelve and eight hundredths added to four and thirty-five hundredths?

Sixteen and forty three hundredths.

What is the word form for 3.16?

3.16 = three and sixteen hundredths.

Write the word form for 3.16?

Three and sixteen hundredths.

What is the numeral of one hundred three and sixteen hundredths?


What is the sum of three tenths and five hundredths?


Seven and four tenths and three hundredths?


Is 3.65 three six tenths and five hundredths?


How many tenths in five hundred and three hundredths?

50.3 of them.

What is three tenths times three hundredths?

0.3 x 0.03 = 0.009

What is three tenths seven tenths for fifth grade puzzle?

21/100 ( Twentyone hundredths).

How many tenths in one hundred twenty three hundredths?

In the tenths place there is a 2. 12.3 of them.