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Q: How much is my mag 41 57 mod 707237?
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41 mag mod 67 nickel?

S&W only made the Model 57 and 657.

What is the remainder when 38 factorial is divided by 41?


What did the ruger redhawk 41 mag come out?

@ 1980

When did the Redhawk 41 mag come out?

Redhawk .41 Magnum pistols were first manufactured in 1979.

Who did produce a 41 Mag rifle in the past?

Marlin, model 1894.

Did marlin make a 41 magnum lever action rifle?

Yes the Marlin Model 1894FG is chambered in .41 mag.

What is the value of a ruger 41 mag?

100-1000 or more depending on specifics

What is the value of a SW 45Cal Mod 57?

The Model 57 is a 41 Magnum.

Ruger sa classic hunter sst scoped 41 mag?

300-500 USD

What is the value of a 1986 smith and Wesson model 657 41 mag?

50-600 usd

Ruger blackhawk 41 mag 40-03537 value?

100-500 USD or so

Where to find firing pin for SW mod 41?

Try egunparts or S&W