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25ml in a pub, much more if the person drinking has to pour it

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Q: How much is one dram?
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Related questions

How much is 2 dram?

1 dram is 1/8 oz

How many mg in a dram?

There are 1,771.8 milligrams in one dram.

How many mg per dram?

One dram is 3,888 mg

How much is 100 dram worth in Armenia?

About 550 dram is worthabout1 U.S. dollar.

How many fluid ounces are in one dram?

One drachm (dram) is equivalent to one-eighth of a fluid ounce! :)

How many milliliter are there in one dram?

3.697 ml in 1 dram -Weston Jongbloedt-

One fluid dram is equal to how many milliliters?

One fluid dram is 0.125 (1/8) ounce.

How much is one Armenian Dram worth in th US?

4 drams is equal to about 1 penny in the U.S. Therefore 1 dram equals about .0025 cents in the U.S.

Is a dram larger than a gram?

A dram is larger than a gram. One gram is equal to 0.5 dram, so the inverse would be that it takes 2 grams to make 1 dram.

How many Dram equals to how many minim?

1/60th of a dram equals one minim

How many milliliters are in one fluid dram?

1 US fluid dram = 3.696588 ml

How much is a fluid dram?

A fluid dram is a unit of volume equal to 0.125oz or 1/8 fluid ounce.

What is currancy in Armenia?

The currency in Armenia is dram. Usually 300 dram is one dollar (median of the stocks).

How many ounces in a fluid dram?

One fluid dram is 0.125 (1/8) fluid ounce.

What is the fastest DRAM?


How much is a dram?

A dram is used as a measure of powder in apothecary. It is 1/256th of a pound. It is 1.771845 grams. It is also an 16th of an ounce.

What is one eighth of an oz?

Approx 3.54 grams.

How many drams are there in one teaspoon?

1 Teaspoon [US] = 1 1/3 (1.333...) dram 1 Teaspoon [UK] = 0.9607599 dram 1 Teaspoon [metric] = 1.3525609 dram

One dram equals how many mLs?

1 US fluid dram = 0.125 fl oz (US) = 3.696588 ml

Which is faster SRAM or DRAM?

Which is faster, SRAM or DRAM

Is DRAM volatile or non-volatile?

DRAM is volatile.

How many grains in a dram?

1 dram = 27.34 grains.

How many milliliters per dram?

3.7mL per dram.

How many scruples are there in a dram?

1 dram = 1.3671875 scruples

How many milliliter in a dram?

1 dram is ~3.7 mL