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333 1/3 ml (three hundred and thirty three and a third millilitres)

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Q: How much is one third of a liter?
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How much one third of a pint in liters?

0.15 L 1 liter = 2.11 pints 1 pint = 0.47 liter

How much is a third of a liter?

333.333333 milliliters

How much horse power does one liter produce?

One liter of what?

What is one third of two liters?

2/3 of a liter

How much air is in one liter?

One liter is 1 cubic decimetre.

How much is one liter in water bottle?

one liter is always one liter it doesn't matter if it is in a water bottle or or a bucket

How much will one liter of air expand?

1 liter

How much of a liter is a milliliter?

there are one thousand milliliters in a liter

How much does 1 liter of liquor make?

one Liter.

How much is one liter bottled water?

1 liter

How much milliliters is one liter?

There are 1000 milliliters in 1 liter. One milliliter is 0.001 liter

How much is ml in one liter?

There are 1000 ml in one liter, so one ml is 1/1000 of a liter, or one part per thousand.

How many cups in a liter and a half?

A liter and a half is equal to 6 and one third cups. A liter is a unit of volume in the International System of Units (SI).

How much water is equal to 1 liter of milk?

One liter

How much quarts is in a liter?

One liter equals 1.06 quarts.

How much dekaliters are in 1 liter?

One liter = 0.1 dekaliters.

How much is a liter compared to US quarts?

One liter is about one (1.057) US quart.

How much is 1 third of a liter of milk?

333ml. Maybe 2/3 of a pint

How many grams is in one third of a cup?

The volume of an US cup is 0.236588 liter. Half of one third cup is 1/3 cup, that is 0.0788627 liter Only if you have pure water you can say: 0.0788627 liter weighs 0.0788627 kilograms. That is 78.8627 grams.

How much does one liter of mercury weigh?

One liter of mercury equals 13.53 kilograms. A one liter bottle of water only weighs one kilogram in comparison.

How much any oz is in a liter?

About 33.8 fluid ounces in one liter.

How much liter is one full bottle?

.75 liter (750 ml)

How much is 1 liter of water fill?

It fills one liter bottle!!!!

How much gallons are in 1 liter?

One liter is about 0.264 US gallon.

How much space does one liter of water take up?

A liter is, by definition, one cubic decimeter.

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