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Q: How much less interest is earned at 6 percent simple interest for 5 years on a 10000 investment than a 6 percent rate compounded daily for 5 years?
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Related questions

How much interest is earned for the investment 20 000 for 2 years at 6 percent compounded annually?

Interest = 2472

How much interest is earned for the investment for 20000 for 2 years at 6 percent compounded annually?

Total value = 20000*(1.06)2 = 22472 So interest = 2472

How much interest will be earned on an investment of 8000 at 10 percent simple interest for 3 years?


Find the simple interest earned after 5 years on an investment of 2000 at 3.2 percent?


Is the interest earn t in a bank account classed as an investment?

Interest earned in a bank account is not an investment. It is considered an income. The money that you have in the bank account that earned the interest for you is considered the investment

Would the statement 'Simple Interest is interest earned on interest' be True or False?

False. Interest upon interest is compounded interest

What is the simple interest earned on an investment of 350 at 2.5 percent for 5 years?

350*0.025*5 = 43.75

How much interest is earned on the account?

A $5000 investment at an annual simple interest rate of 4.4% earned as much interest after one year as another investment in an account that earned 5.5% annual simple interest. How much was invested at 5.5%?

An initial 500 compounded for 1 year at 6 percent?

Interest earned is computed by taking the principal amount and multiplying it by the rate and time and divided by the time taken. The interest in this case is 30.

Last year a 10000.00 investment in fund b earned 920.00 while fund a earned twice as much as fund b fund c earned 20 percent more than fund a how much interest was earned on a 6000.00 investment in c?


What is the interest earned on 3180 if it is invested at 6.5 percent for 3ยฝ years rounded to the nearest dollar?

If compounded and assuming the amount was 3180 dollars, it would be 784 dollars.

What financial products offer compounding interest?

When a financial product pays compounded interest the investor earns interest on interest earned. For example, when $1,000 is invested at a compounded rate of 5 percent the principal balance of the investment would increase to $1,050 at the end of year one assuming annual compounding of interest. In year two the investor would receive interest at 5 percent on $1,050 for an interest payment of $52.50 in year two. Money left to accumulate at compounded interest can grow tremendously over time (see Compounded Earnings: Making Your Money Work for You).Banks offer compounded interest on savings accounts and certificates of deposit. Another method of obtaining a compounded rate of interest can be achieved by buying US Treasury issued zero coupon bonds which offer the advantage of long dated paper and the ability to know upfront what the compounded rate of return will be (see Zero Coupon Bonds Explained: Locking in Long Term Profits).

What is compounded quarterly?

This is a term used while understanding the interest calculation for deposits. Compounded quarterly means - the interest would be compounded every quarter. Let us say you deposit $1000 in a bank @ 10% interest per year. One year = 4 quarters At the end of the 1st quarter: principal = 1000, Interest = 25 => Value of your investment at the end of the 1st qtr = $1025 At the end of the 2nd quarter: principal = 1025, Interest = 25.625 => Value of your investment at the end of the 1st qtr = $1050.625 If you see here, the interest earned here is 25.625 whereas the interest earned in the previous quarter was only $25. This is because for calculation of interest for the 2nd quarter, the interest earned in the first quarter would be added to the principal. Shorter the compounding interval more the interest earned.

What is meant by compounded interest in terms of economics?

In terms of economics, compounded interest means the interest earned from the principal and added interest. In many cases, this method is always used by some internet scammers to lure people to invest.

If you invest 70000 at 12 return what is it worth in 15 years?

The answer depends on how the interest is compounded - but in simple interest compounded annually on $70,000 at 12 percent, the total value would be $383,150. The first year the investment would earn $8,400 ($70,000 x .12), and the "principle balance" would increase to $78,400. The second year interest would be earned on $78,400 ($70,000 + $8,400 earned in year one), which would be $9,408 ($78,400 x .12), making the new principle balance $87,808. Interest in the fifteenth year would be $41,052 paid on a principle balance of $342,098, for a total of $383,150.

What is the principal if the Interest earned is 27.00 for 2 years at 1.5?

Assuming that 1.5 refers to 1.5% and that the interest is compounded annually, the principal is 893.30

If you invest 5000 at 1.8 percent for 5 years compounded semiannually what is the amount in the account at the end of 5 years?

You should have 5976.51 provided the fractional units of interest earned are also rolled into the capital.

Who. Find the amount at the end and the interest made on an investment of 6 400 compounded at 8.5 per annum for 5 years?

The at 8.5%, the investment increases, every year, by a factor of 1 + 8.5/100, that is, by a factor of 1.085. The total amount of money you get at the end of five years, then, is 6400 x 1.085^5 (the "^" means "power"). If you subtract the initial capital from that, what remains is the interest earned.

Why do you need to report interest paid or earned on life insurance?

Whole life insurance also has an investment component, so money made on the investment is taxed. If you have term insurance, then there is no interest earned, since it is strictly insurance.

What is the money earned from investments called?

The money earned from investment is called as return on investment. if you invest in shares then it will be treated as dividend, if it in debentures then it will be known as interest. so different investment reuturns will have different names.

How much interest is earned by investing 2100 for three years at 4.5 percent compounded monthly?

The formula to calculate the present amount including compound interest is A = P(1 + r/n)nt , where P is the principal amount, r is the annual rate expressed as a decimal , t is the number of years, and n is number of times per year that interest is compounded. Then A = 2100(1 + 0.045/12)(12 x 3) = 2100 x 1.0037536 = 2402.92 The amount of interest earned = 2402.92 - 2100 = 302.92

What are the different types of interest earned on principle?

simple(interest is earned on the original principal) $100 earning 10% per month with earn $10 every month and compound(interest is compounded every set amount of time e.g. monthly and a new principal is derived) $100 earning 10% per month compounded monthly will earn $10 the first month after which it is compounded making the new principal $110 the next month will earn $11 and so on

How do you figure out this math problem?

What is the amout of interest that will be earned on an investment of $8000 at 10% simple interest for 3 years

What is the journal entry for investment revenue of 6000 was earned and received?

debit cashcredit interest on investment

How are CDs and bonds different?

Unlike bond interest (paid periodically), the interest from a CD usually compounds, which means interest is earned on prior interest earned also. An investment in CDs, up to $100,000, is insured by the federal government.

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