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350*0.025*5 = 43.75

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Q: What is the simple interest earned on an investment of 350 at 2.5 percent for 5 years?
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How much interest will be earned on an investment of 8000 at 10 percent simple interest for 3 years?


Find the simple interest earned after 5 years on an investment of 2000 at 3.2 percent?


How much interest is earned on the account?

A $5000 investment at an annual simple interest rate of 4.4% earned as much interest after one year as another investment in an account that earned 5.5% annual simple interest. How much was invested at 5.5%?

How much less interest is earned at 6 percent simple interest for 5 years on a 10000 investment than a 6 percent rate compounded daily for 5 years?


How do you figure out this math problem?

What is the amout of interest that will be earned on an investment of $8000 at 10% simple interest for 3 years

If the principal is 350 and the interest rate is 3 percent what is the simple interest earned in one year simple interest P and times r and times t?


Suppose that you plan on investing into an account paying simple interest The formula for simple interest is I equals Prt where I is the interest earned on a investment of P dollars at the given rate?

No. I is as described for the stated period.

How many simple interest will be earned on 320 saved for four years at twelve percent and a half interest?

It will be 160.

What is the simple interest expressions?

The amount of interest earned on an investment of C, for y years at r per cent is C*y*r/100.

After 2 years Deion earned 270 in simple interest from a CD into which he initially deposited 6000. What is the annual interest rate of the CD?

2.25 percent apex

How much interest is earned in 9 months on a deposit of 7000 at 8 percent simple interest?

70 x 8 x 3/4 ie 420

How much simple interest is earned on a deposit of 800 at a annual rate of 5 percent after two years?

It is 80 currency units.