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Now it is standardized as 750 milliliters. Apparently, it used to be 1/5 of a gallon, which is 757 mL.

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Q: How much liquid is in a fifth?
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How much liquid is a fifth of champagne?

about 4 gallon

How much liquid is one fifth cup?

divide one half cup by four

What does one fifth of liquid mean as in a fifth of whiskey?

A 5th refers to a 5th of a gallon. Which is about 750ml/75cl

What is a fifth equivilent to in liquid?

A fifth is 1/5 of a gallon, which is 25.6 fluid ounces, or 757 milliliters.

What is a fifth liquid to ounces?

25.6 ounces. 750 milliliters.

How much alcohol is in a fifth of vodka?

One fifth of a gallon.

How many milliliters is a fifth of alcohol?

A "fifth" can be any liquid. ( It is a colloquialism for alcohol in US only) . It is generally around 750 ml.

What does a milliliter look like?

A milliliter is a unit of liquid. One milliliter of liquid is equal to one-fifth of a teaspoon. Many liquid medicines are prescribed in milliliters.

What is the four kinds of matter?

Solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. The fifth is Condensates..or Super is rare and its slightly radioactive xD

How many oz in a fifth?

A fifth of a liquid (generally liquor) is 25.368 fluid ounces (750 milliliters). One full gallon is 128 ounces.

How much is one fifth of jack Daniels?

A fifth of Jack Daniels is about $20.

How much percentage is a fifth?


How much is three fifth?


How much is 1 fifth?


How much alcohol is in a fifth?

A fifth of alcohol is 1/5 or 20% of an American gallon.

How much do umpalumpas weigh?

weighs as much as a fifth grader

How much is one fifth or one fourth or three fourths of a liquid gallon?

One gallon = 4 quarts. One-fifth of a gallon = 1.6 pints, or 0.8 quarts. One-fourth of a gallon = 1 quart. Three-fourths of a gallon = 3 quarts.

How much is three fifth of 14.50?

8.7 is.

How much is one fifth in decimal?


How much is a fifth of a gallon?

0.20 gallon

How much is 1 fifth as a number?


How much does a fifth of ciroc cost?


What happens to the particles of a liquid as the liquid evaporatฤ“s?

it moves much much faster

How much is one fifth of alcohol?

One fifth (of gallon) is approximately 750ml or 25,36 fl.oz.

How much does the fifth room cost on moshi monsters?

The price of the fifth room is 16,000 Rox.