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Depends on what the gas price is on the sign and how many miles/gallons you get, and how many miles that you driver per week.

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Q: How much money for car gas per week?
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How much money in gas does a car waist weekly?

How much money in gas does a car waste weekly?

How much money does a gas station person make a week?

It depends on the station, state, and experience.

How much gas money will i spent on 1090 miles?

You will spent $117 gas money on 1090 miles if you car gets 28 mpg and price of gas is $3/gallon.

How much money to drive from PA to Florida?

it takes about 2-3 days to get there by car... and about 50 on gas money

How much money on gas would you spend?

it really depends on which car you have. search it up

What is the best gas mileage SUV?

The best gas mileage is a 2011 Toyota RAV4 2WD. Its MPG is 28 hwy, 22 city, 24 overall. Sees like a great car to get if you don't wanna spend to much money on gas every week or month.

How much gas money is it to drive from Texas to key west Florida?

Depends on your type of car.

How much is gas for a car for a week?

That's a controversial question, what kind of car do you drive, is it a small car of a 4x4 which would cost you much more to run. How many miles per week do you drive? I guess a figure plucked out of the air would be around $50.

What is a smart car, and how much can I save by buying one?

The Smart car is a small and very fuel efficient car. If you are wondering how much you can save by buying one figure up how much you spend in gas a week and that is how much you would save.

Who was so stupid they sold their car for gas money?

nobody because nobody is stupid in off to sell their car for gas money

How much money would i need for gas if i am driving 4368 miles?

That depends... on how many miles per gallon your car gets and how much gas costs where you live

How much money in gas will it cost you to drive 911 miles if your car gets 35miles per gallon?


How much money is it for gas from Gilbert to San Diego?

Depends on what type of car you own use to drive it there.

How much money it would cost for gas for a 5 day work week?

that depends on your milage and how far away your work is.

How much will the gas cost for a month if you drive 294 miles a week and the gas cost 3.59?

It is dependent on how many miles per gallon your car gets.

How much does gas cost per month?

I dont get the question, do you mean for your car? Only you can answer that. how much do you pay pre week? then that 4 times = per month

How much money is it to fill up a car that gets 32mpg and gas is 3.60?

That depends on the size of the fuel tank.

How much money do you need to become a Nascar driver?

As much as it takes to buy a car, have a pay team, have a pit crew, be able to buy the tires, buy the gas, have a truck for merchandise, and a car building team. ( a lot of money)

Can you give a sentence for the word car?

Baby, you can drive my car... I can't afford to put gas in the car this week.

How much money does it take for gas from Orlando FL to New York City?

It depends on how many miles per gallon your car gets, and the cost of gas.

How much money was spent on gas if gas cost 3.30 per gallon and your car gets 24 mpg?

Need to know how many miles traveled to answer that.

How much money does it take to build gas stations in the USA?

Why is there gas taxโ€™s in California

How much gas is in a gas tank of a car?

it ranges between cars, my car can hold about 16 gallons of gas.

How much money does it take to drive from Phoenix Arizona to South Dakota?

It is 1,220 miles, which you can calculate the amount of gas for your car.

How much gas does a person use in a week?

About one full tank a week