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Depends on how much paint used, how many coats, type of paint, how thick the paint is.

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Q: How much paint use in 1 square meter?
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How much BTU conditiones needed in 25 square meter room?

you can use easy way 25 square meter*3.281*3.281*80/ 12000 1.79 ton

What paint do you use on metal meter cabinets?

I would use a Rustoleum or other paint specifically for metals.

How much does it Cost to paint a 1600Sq ft house?

If you use Dutch Boy paint on a smooth surface, you can get 400 square feet per gallon.

How much paint to spray paint 1000 square feet?

Too many variables. -Depends on surface you are spraying onto, type of spray equipment you are using, what paint you use to spray, how much you thin it to spray, etc, etc

Is there an accurate way to calculate how much paint you would need to buy to paint a room?

There is a formula used to calculate how much paint you need to paint a room. Determine what the square feet of the room you are painting is and multiply it by the number of coats you want to put on the walls. Divide that number by 400 and you will end up with the number of gallons of paint you need. The other choice is to use an online paint calculator.

Which units are used to measure paint grams liters square centimetres cubic feet?

For paint in the container, use a cubic measure, like liters. For paint on the wall - the amount of surface painted - use a square measure like square meters.

Is 1 kw equals 5 watt per square meter?

Question doesn't make sense. But if you have something that use or generate 5W per square meter, then you get 1kW if you have 200 square meter.

How much land does it take for 1 pound of seed?

How much seed you typically use for each square meter varies widely, depending on the type of seed.

How much compost to use per square meter of soil?

growing commercially? 6 qubic meters per 1000 sqm

How many square meters will 5 liter of paint cover?

That depends on how thick you paint, and how many layers of paint you use.

How do you convert square meter to square feet?

Use this conversion: square meters x 10.7639 = square feet

Why use a factor of 1.83 in the conversion of square meter to linear meter?

Because you have been informed wrongly. It is impossible to convert square metres to linear metres.

What metric unit would you use to measure the area of a farmer's field?

Answer: Acre, Meter, Kilometer, etc. Answer: You need some square unit. The standard SI unit for area is square meter, but you can also use hectars (= 10,000 square meters) or square kilometers.

What units of area would you use to measure a classroom?

The square meter.

What unit of measure would you use to measure a backyard?

Square meter.

What metric unit use to measure area?

square meter (m2)

What is the water pressure per square centimeters or meter or ft or inch?

Water pressure can be any of these. The most common in the US is pounds per square inch. Countries which use kilograms and cm express it as kg per square cm. You would only use per square meter or square foot for very low pressures.

How much paint to use to paint the Eiffel tower?

79 gallons

How long is each side of a 10 square meter square?

Square root of 10. If you need decimals, use the calculator to calculate the square root of 10.

Why would you measure in square centimeters?

Square centimeters are a measure of area. If you were measuring something smaller than a square meter, but larger than a square milimeter, it would be suggested to use square centimeters. because when you are trying to find the area of something you cant just use centimeters because that is just for length not for like how much space is in a shape. That's the best answer i have

What is a good unit to use to measure the area of a room in a house?

The square meter.

What metric unit would you use to find the Area of a gym?

square meter

How do you calculate square meter of elbow?

Use a tape or other measuring instrument.

What is a derived for area?

If you use meters for length, then the derived unit is the square meter.

How do you convert gallons per square foot to liters per square meter?

Use this formula: (US) gallons per square foot x40.745 = liters per square meter