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It depends on the price (given by the supplier or shop) per metre of the pipe. One UK company on the internet gave a list price £11.10 per metre.

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Q: How much per linear meter of 75mm hdr pipe?
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8 in pipe 4 meter how much linear meter?

It is the length, so 4 metres.

Measurement of pipe length in linear meter?

A measure of the length will be in linear units. So make sure that the measurement is made or expressed in metres.

How much water is in 1 meter of 1 inch pipe?

6'' pipe 1 meter long how mach the watter volume

How much water will a 1 meter length 150mm PVC pipe hold?

Assumed that 150mm is the diameter of the PVC pipe, then radius is 75mm and the length is 1 meter or 1000mm. The volume of the cylinder is pi x r x r x h and in this case it would be 3.1415 x 75 x 75 x 1000 = 17670937.5 cubic mm which is 17670.9375 cubic cm which is 17.6709375 liters

What is the volume of 1 meter of 75 millimeter pipe?

one meter 3'' how much volume

What are the weights of 50mm 60mm and 75mm dia hollow m s pipe?

unit weight of 60mm dia hallow ms pipe

How many liters of water in pipe 75mm by 350 meters?

75mm diameter = .00441787 sq.m. .00441787 sq.m. x 350 m = 1.54626 cu.m. = 1546.26 litres

How much does a 20 meter 200mm pipe weigh full of water?

That's going to depend "heavily" on the weight of the empty pipe.

How much water is held in 1 meter of 15mm pipe?

235.7 cubic centimeters

How much water will 1 meter of 28mm pipe hold?

A 28mm round bin holds how much product

What is the volume of a pipe with diameter of 1 meter and length of 2 meters?

The volume of a pipe with diameter of 1 meter and a length of 2 meters is 1.57 cubic meters.

How do you calculate pipe square meter?

pipe length = 5487mm pipe size = 6inch

Is a water pipe from the street to the house covered if pipe freezes and breaks?

The pipe from the main to the meter is the city's responsibility, from the meter to the house is the home owners. Insurance probably will not cover the pipe but may cover damage caused by the leak. Policies vary.

What is the volume of 1 meter of 15mm pipe?

The volume of 1 meter of 15mm pipe is: 176,710 mm3

What volume of water is there in a meter of 22mm pipe?

The volume of water in one meter of a 22mm-diameter pipe is: about 0.1 US gallons.

How do you calculate lineal meter of a pipe?

It is the total length of the pipe which you require - measured in metres.

How many inch meter is present in a single pipe?

The answer depends on the cross section of the pipe and its length.

What kind of pipe should be used to run gas from meter to pool heater?

Steel pipe.

What size natural gas pipe for 220 cubic feet per hour?

For linear runs up to 80 feet a 1" pipe will suffice any longer and you will have to step up to 1 1/4". You will also want to consult your gas provider and make sure the meter has enough capacity, if it is too small a larger meter will be fitted. This is usually free of charge.

How many linear feet of pipe would equal 7 miles?

Seven miles of pipe equates to 36,960 feet

How much is the flow rate of water from pipe of 4 inch diameter coming from elevated tank ten meter height 2 meter is the height of water surface sixty cubic meter is the capacity of the elevated tank?


How much does a metal pipe weigh per meter if the pipes outer diameter is 165mm and the thicknes of the pipe is 4mm?

You're missing one vital detail - what material the pipe is made of ! A pipe made from iron would weigh considerably less than one made of concrete !

What is the standard in Linear inch tracking in pipe welding?

one inch

Unit weight of 100 NB PIPE?

27.2 kg/meter for 100 NB Simless pipe

What is the weight per meter of 200 dia pipe?

That would depend entirely on - what material the pipe was made from !