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The volume of a pipe with diameter of 1 meter and a length of 2 meters is 1.57 cubic meters.

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6.5 pipe meter and 800meeters

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Q: What is the volume of a pipe with diameter of 1 meter and length of 2 meters?
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How do you convert800 meter in to cubic meter?

Meters cannot be converted into cubic meters; meters are units of length and cubic meters are units of volume.

How many linear meter in 1 cubic meter?

Linear meters (Length) can not be converted to cubic meters (Volume)

What is the height of a cylinder when the diameter is 5 meters and the volume is 49.1?

2.5019 METER

How do you go from meters to liters?

Meters are length, liters is volume. That's the same as asking how to get from yards to quarts.

What is the volume of the cylinder whose diameter is 3 meter and a height of 5 meter?

Volume = pi*1.52*5 = 35.34291735 cubic meters

What is the length of a circle that has a diameter of 1 meter?

Pi meters. (About 3.14 meters) Found by multiplying 1 meter by pi. Assuming by length you mean the distance around the circle.

What volume of water is there in a meter of 22mm pipe?

The volume of water in one meter of a 22mm-diameter pipe is: about 0.1 US gallons.

What is the volume of water in a circle two meters diameter by half meter deep?

Volume = pi * radius^2 * height

If a circle has circumference of 81 meters what is its diameter to the nearest meter?

The diameter, rounded to the nearest meter, is: 26 meters(25.7831008 meters).

What volume of water will a meter of 30 meter diameter pipe hold in cubic meters?

This pipe will hold 706.9 cubic meters of water or 186,700 US gallons.

28.26 Meter Length and 3.49 meter round.find out the cubic meter?

Presumably these are the dimensions of a cylinder that has length of 28.26 meters and a circumference of 3.49 meters? First we have to find the radius by dividing 3.49 by 2*pi which works out as 0.5554507514 Volume of a cylinder = pi*radius2*length Volume = pi*0.55545075142*28.26 = 27.39133172 cubic meters

What is the difference between meters and milliliters?

A meter is a unit of length; a milliliter is a unit of volume.