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-- If the 3 Amp is being drawn from a battery,

then the battery is supplying

3 x (Voltage of the battery) watts.

-- If the 3 Amp is flowing through a resistor,

then the resistor is dissipating

9 x (Resistance of the resistor) watts.

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Q: How much power is consumed through a 3 amp?
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How much power flows through a circuit with 1 amp and 120 volts?

120 power flows through a circuit with 1 amp and 120 volts.

How many outlets on 15 amp breaker?

As many as you want. It is the power consumed by the thing(s) plugged in that is of concern.

Why does your amp work without a ground wire?

your amp will ground in your sound system, or through your power adder which rock.

Why wont your amp make your speakers louder everything is hooked up and the amp is on?

i would check you have a good ground the amp will still power up but no power will be put through the system if the ground is not good

Can a 13 amp power cord replace a 15 amp power cord?

Yes, but don't try to put 15 amps through it! You might need to change your plug too!

Why does the red light come on on your car amp?

I had th same problem i had to turn my amp down i guess it was to much power out put

What does Volt-Amp mean?

Volt-Amp (VA) is a unit of measurement for apparent power in an electrical circuit, representing the total power consumed by a device. It is the product of voltage (in volts) and current (in amperes) in an AC circuit. VA is important for sizing power supply equipment to meet the demands of the electrical load in a system.

Will a 12v 1.5 amp device work with 12v 2.5 amp replacement power supply?

No. The amperage describes the total electrical energyeither produced or consumed. Voltage just describes the potential. If the power cable or power supply are only capable of 1 amp and the device consumes 2 amps... sorry, you don't have enough electrical energy available.

Is amplitude the same as volume?

No, amplituted is how much power flows in your amp. My tiny practice amp witch is 15 amps, (or so) and my friends monster amp can play at the same volume

What year did the Yamaha mx70 power amp come out and how much did it cost?

1988 £500

What if your electric heater is rated 5 amps it is plugged into a 111 volt outlet how much power is generated?

OK. First, note that your heater doesn't 'generate' power. If it did, you could sell the power. Your heater consumes power. The electric company generates it, and you pay them for it. The power consumed on a household circuit is nominally (Voltage) multiplied by (Current). The voltage delivered to your house is nominally 117 volts AC, although it can vary by a bit. If the current through the heater is exactly 5 Amp, then the power is (117 x 5) = 585 watts, or 0.585 KW.

How much power is consumed by a load drawing 5a with 120v across it?

real P= V * I *cos(phase angle between V and I)for purely resistive loads or DC voltages this equals real power P=V*I = 120*5= 600Wattsfor not pure resistive loads you'd have to measure the phase angle between Voltage and Current to get real power.However, at home, the utility company charges for Complex power = V*I.So you'd still pay for V*I.