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A Bose Subwoofer does not take up too much room. The average size of a Bose Subwoofer is about 6 inches by 9 inches. However, there is another model that is 8 inches round.

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Q: How much room does a Bose Subwoofer take up?
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How do you mount subwoofer?

To often mount a subwoofer you will need your desired subwoofer box of choice. Once you have decided what type of box you want, then you will need to take your subwoofer and insert it into the subwoofer hole. Then you screw it down. Once this is done you take your wires and run it into the subwoofer. An amplifier is not necessarily needed, but you'll definitely want one. You will then take your amplifier and connect it to your cars battery, and then also ground it to your car.

How do you eliminate the thump from your subwoofer?

That is usually the whole point of a Subwoofer, hearing the music clearer and feeling it. If you don't like the thump, then a subwoofer is not for you! The best way to fix this problem is first you have to remove all the wires from the subwoofer. Than take the subwoofer out of the box and set the subwoofer in a trash can. On trash day wheel subwoofer to end of driveway. Problem solved!

How much does pepboys charge to install a subwoofer?

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What a Bose Bluetooth is, where to buy one, and how much they cost.?

A Bose Bluetooth headset is a wireless microphone set that allows you to make and take calls at ease. You can get them from and they cost approximately $150.

How much space do car subwoofers take up?

Subwoofer size varies depending on how much power they have and how they are designed. However, normally-sized subwoofers take up about 1 square foot of space, on average.

How to take off a subwoofer on a 98 explorer?

Well, if you mean "take OUT a subwoofer" then all you need to do is unplug the speaker wire from the amp or undo the wire from the door speakers. Please restate your question and be more specific.-Shocker

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How do you remove a factory Bose amp in the console of a 2004 gmc Yukon?

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How do you install an aftermarket CD player in a 1992 Nissan Maxima with Bose sound system?

take the door panels off, remove the housing for the Bose speakers, take apart the housing and cut the wires, put in a small speaker to replace the Bose full range speaker. (alternatively, replace the Bose housing with a custom mounting board) put the Bose housing back and the door panels back. cut the wires on the rear deck speakers and install a 6x9 speaker system. replace the CD player. (the original 2ohm Bose speakers burn out players designed for 4 or 8 ohm speaker systems)

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What are the features of a Bose music system?

This will depend on the type of system. The higher the price, the better the quality of the sound you'll get. Take a look at the website 'Bose' to check specific features for specific systems.

Do Bose car speakers blow out a lot?

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