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Two thirds of a cubic yard.

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Q: How much sand for eighteen square feet by four inches deep?
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Convert eighteen and one half square feet to inches?

18.5 square feet = 2664 square inches

What is the square footage of eighteen feet by fifthteen and a half inches?

Convert the inches to feet (dividing by 12), then multiply. The result is then in square feet.

How many square feet is 13 feet long and 24 inches deep?

26 square feet.

How many yards are in 70 square feet by 4 inches deep?

One cubic yard covers 81 square feet 4 inches thick.

How many cubic feet to cover 800 square feet at three quarters inches inches deep?

800 square feet x 1/12 x 3/4 = 50 cubic feet.

What does eighteen feet equal?

Eighteen feet is equal to 216 inches. (12 inches per foot multiplied by 18) Or eighteen feet equals 6 yards. (3 feet in each yard, 18 divided by 3).

What is the square feet of a garden 46 inches long and 46 inches deep?

14.6944... sq ft = 46x46/144

How many square feet in an area 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and 12 inches deep?

4*8*1 = 32 square feet

How many square feet is thirty cubic yards at 2 inches deep?

4860 sq feet

How much sand to cover 15000 square feet 2 inches deep?

2500 cubic feet.

How long is eighteen inches in feet?

1.5 feet. (1 foot 6 inches)

How many inches in one and a half feet?

Eighteen inches.

What is the cross-sectional area in square feet of the flow in a rectangular channel if it is 30 inches wide and flowing 1.9 feet deep?

4.75 square feet

Calculating square inches to square feet?

To convert square inches to square feet, divide square inches by 144.

How many square feet is in 736 square inches?

736 square inches /144 = 5.111+ square feet, or 5 square feet 16 square inches

How many inches are in eighteen feet?


How do you figure out square inches from feet?

You can find square inches from square feet by multiplying square feet by 144.

Square feet to inches?

Multiply square feet by 144 to get square inches.

280 square feet by 6 inches deep equals how many square yards?

answer-140 sq yds

How much soil is needed for 151 square feet at 3 inches deep?

About a ton.

How Formula square inches to square feet?

Use this formula to convert from square inches to square feet, : square inches x 0.00694 = square feet

How many square feet are in a square of 17.5 inches by 17.5 inches?

A square of 17.5 inches by 17.5 inches is 2.13 square feet.

What is the formula for converting square feet to square inches?

One square foot would be 12 inches by 12 inches, or 144 square inches. This means to convert square feet to square inches, multiply the number of square feet by 144 to to get the number of square inches.

What is 25 square feet in square inches?

25 square feet = 3,600 square inches.

What is 321 square feet in square inches?

321 square feet = 46,224 square inches.