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18 inch

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Q: How much string for 18 inch friendship bracelet?
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How much yarn do you need to make a friendship bracelet?

depends on the size of the wrist.

How much is a friendship bracelet worth?

hello (:Cinnamon Girl: $3.99Longs: 99 centsClaires: 3.76Hot Topic: 4.00Walmart: 80 cents*Tip : I would buy my bff a claires bracelet. ITS VEDDY NICEY

How do you make a friendship bracelet for Easter?

just buy 1 can be cheap and give one to all your friends its much quicker and nicer of ya

Can you put a full size violin string string in to a three quarter size violin?

Yes, you can. You will have to cut about an inch from the top of the string to make sure that you don't have too much of the string wrapped around the peg.

How much are friendship bracelet string?

Hi, You can try to visit You can find a lot of tutorials, bracelet patterns and bracelet photos there. You can also add a photo, or pattern that you've made. Another cool thing is, you can create an alpha pattern from an image, in 2 single steps, and start tying today! The only thing you have to do is to sign up there (if you want to add the patterns and photos). They also have an iPhone app for the website, so you can make the bracelets on the road. Good luck ;)

How much does the bracelet cost at the brockton fair cost?

how much do the bracelet cost at the brockton fair

How much is the cartier trinity bracelet the one that has a black thing with silver gold and bronze rings on and you can also change the string the black thing?

The cartier trinity bracelet vary in price depending on where you get it, how you customize it, and whether you get a real one of a knock off.

How much is a chamilia bracelet?

20 dolars for a new Miss Chamilia bracelet

How much is a 10 karat gold bracelet worth?

depends on the weight of the bracelet, and the workmanship. Heavier bracelet= more gold= more money.

How much should an anniversary bracelet cost?

How much you spend depends on what your budget is. You can find a great bracelet at a good price at

How much does a bracelet weigh?

depends what it is made of.

How much is a silver bracelet worth?


How long does it take to make a friendship bracelet?

Depends what kind... simple ones may take me a day or two. there are some complex ones that take me weeks. it also depends on how much time that you have to do it and how fast you knot it.

How much is a friendship braclet worth?

It's at least worth a friendship.

How much would a 14kgp bracelet be worth?


How much does a bb Simon bracelet cost?

80 $

How much is the kony 12 bracelet?

$10.00 (About £9.00)

How much does a fair bracelet cost 2015?


How much is a squared inch?

An inch by an inch.

How much is a inch?

An inch is 2.54 centimeters and it is about the size of your thumb.

Does a white gold bracelet cost as much as a yellow gold bracelet?

A while gold bracelet should not cost as much as a yellow gold bracelet. Yellow gold is pure gold without and other metal, whereas white gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal like nickel.

What is a friendship evoltion?

A friendship evolotion is when something likes you so much it evolves

How much is a 9K gold bracelet worth?

Many of the bracelets are valued in price close to $10 each. The amount for each bracelet will vary depending upon the exact bracelet and their condition.

How much is 18 karat gold bracelet worth?


How much is a World Series of poker bracelet worth?