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The period of the pendulum is unchanged by the angle of swing.

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Q: How much time it take if the pendulum is relesed at angle 1.75 degrees instead of 3.5 degrees?
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Why must a pendulum swing through a small angle?

A pendulum can swing through any angle you want. But because of the mathematical approximations you make when you analyze the motion of the pendulum, your predictions are only accurate for a pendulum with a small arc.

What is the torque acting on the pendulum of length L inclined at an angle?

The pendulum frequency is dependent upon the length of the pendulum. The torque is the turning force of the pendulum.

Which factor affects the period of the pendulum?

The period of a pendulum is affected by the angle created by the swing of the pendulum, the length of the attachment to the mass, and the weight of the mass on the end of the pendulum.

What is a angle called that is over 190 degrees?

An obtuse angle. There cannot be an angle with more than 180 degrees so it starts to count backwards when it hits 180. So instead of having a 190 degree angle, you have a 170 degree angle.

Conclusion of simple pendulum experiment?

Only the length of the pendulum has an influence on the pendulum's speed, not the mass or angle of it. Although if the pendulum is red it may blow-up depending on its status.

What makes a pendulum swing?

The length ,mass and angle :)

Why should a pendulum be swung less than ten degrees?

The time it takes for a pendulum to make one swing is almost exactly the same regardless if it swings thru any small angle. Once the angle starts getting large, like more then 10 deg, the difference in swing time becomes noticable. If you use a pendulum as a clock,so each second is one swing, then if you start the pendulum swinging at about 10 deg it will continue to be one second per swing even as it runs down to a smaller swing angle.

What is 90 angle degrees?

A right angle is an angle of 90 degrees.

What kind of angle is 175 degrees?

An angle of 175 degrees is an obtuse angle

If an angle is obtuse then it has a measure of 120 degrees?

When an angle has a measure of 120 degrees, it is an obtuse angle. When an angle is an obtuse angle its measure is between 90 and 180 degrees. That is: 90 degrees < obtuse angle < 180 degrees.

Which has a greater measure an angle complementary to an angle measuring 58 degrees or an angle supplementary to an angle measuring 125 degrees?

It is the supplementary angle of 125 degrees which is 55 degrees

Which angle equal 1.00 degrees?

There is no angle that represents 100 degrees but an angle that is 100 degrees is an obtuse angle.