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That depends on how much the speed limit is.

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Q: How much time would you save going 11 miles per hour over the speed limit for a distance of 20 miles?
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Distance =20 miles, 5= mph?

if you were going 20 miles but the speed limit 5 mph then it would take you 4 hours i think

Do you lose your license for going 15 miles of the speed limit?


How can driving be connected to negative integers?

Yes. Going under the speed limit is (-) going over the speed limit is (+) going on the speed limit is (0)

How many points for going 6 miles over speed limit in Pennsylvania?


What is the distance from Knoxville TN to Minneapolis MN?

Approx. 956 miles by road. Going the speed limit it would take about 15 hrs to drive...

What is the distance after a speed limit sign before the speed limit is enforced?

In the UK the speed limit comes into force as soon as you pass the speed limit sign. As such the distance is zero as you should have slowed down to the posted speed limit before passing the sign.

If the speed limit is 45 kilometers what is the speed limit in miles?

28 miles per hour. ( aprox )

The speed limit is 80 kilometers per hour what is the speed limit in miles per hour?

The speed limit is 49.7 (50) miles per hour.

How many points do you get in pa for going 20 miles over the speed limit?

4 points.

What will a ticket cost in Shelbyville Illinois going 38 mniles over the speed limit?

38 miles over the speed limit in Shelbyville, Illinois what will the cost of the ticket be?

How many hours from ft lauderdale to atlanta?

Are you flying or driving? At what speed are you going to travel. Point to point the distance is 580 miles. Driving the distance is 640 miles. Divide the distance by the speed you will be doing and you have your answer.

How long would it take to go 300 miles going 20 miles per an hour?

Time = Distance/Speed = 300 miles/20 mph = 15 hours.Time = Distance/Speed = 300 miles/20 mph = 15 hours.Time = Distance/Speed = 300 miles/20 mph = 15 hours.Time = Distance/Speed = 300 miles/20 mph = 15 hours.

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