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"Add" or "added" means addition. Of course, you may have to subtract to actually solve the problem. If the question is: "How much is added to 5 to get 7", that means 5 + "how much" = 7; but to actually calculate the "how much", you subtract 7 - 5.

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Q: How much was added does it mean addition or subtraction?
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Does how much mean subtraction or addition?

It could be either. How much doesn't refer to the process, it refers to the answer.

What does how much farther in math mean?


How does a barber use math?

a barber uses math by addition subtraction and multiplecation and how much to give that person what the total is and how much they give you

How can you explain subtraction?

You can either explain it as "taking away" something, or as the inverse of addition, as in "how much do I need to add, to get such-and-such a result".

What dose how much mean add od subtract?


How can use subtraction to check addition with mixed numbers?

Subtraction is the opposite operation to addition, so can be used to check an addition by subtracting one of the addends (numbers being added together) from the total obtained to see if the other addend results. This can be used with any two addends including mixed numbers. Working with mixed numbers is often much easier (especially for multiplication and division) by converting them first to improper fractions, doing the operations and converting any resultant improper fraction back to a mixed number.

What kind of math is used in graphic design?

you use geometry,area,coordinate grids,acounting,subtraction,addition,multiplication,division and much more

Why do we start from addition and substraction when learning math?

Addition and subtraction are the core to most math. Even Children who don't know math can add and subtract. Addition is the mathematical concept of putting things together to form a greater amount. Subtraction is the opposite. Subtracting one thing from another is the same as taking some things away from a group. So the children can know how much they got compared to others and how much has been taken from them.

Is math a easy subject?

math is easy when you do addition and subtraction but I'm still 9 i know divion and multiplication well not that much I'm going to grade 4

What does gemdas stand for in math?

Grouping Symbols, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction

What can mutation change?

Mutations can cause changes in DNA/RNA etc etc.. A mutation can cause the addition or subtraction of a base.. (A C G T or U) (addition or subtraction is extremely destructive, normally resulting in the destruction of the affected cell) Or it can also Switch one base for another.. (a much less destructive mutation, sometimes not even changing anything) :) hope that helps Redlantern33

How much math is there in volleyball?

Not much, just a lot of adding and occasional subtraction(:

What is the verb for addition?

The verb of addition is add.Other verbs are adds, adding and added.Some examples are:"I will add the spices now"."He adds some fluid to the car"."I am adding these finances up"."He added too much chilli".

How much will your insurance go up if you put in a wood stove in a new addition you added to your mobile home?

Chances are if you tell your agent,your policy will be cancelled.

How do you use addition and subtraction in a real life situation?

When you go to a store and you add stuff to your shopping cart, and if you have limited money, you should use addition so that you know how much those will cost. Then when it cost more than you thought, you "subtract" the price of a random item by putting it back to the shelf so that the cost would match the amount you have.

What does how much more mean in a math problem?

will it means like addition.

Why do you use Hindu Arabic numerals rather than roman numerals?

Roman Numerals are much longer and don't have place value or anything equal to Zero. Also, it is much, much harder to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with roman numerals, unless you are either really clever, or allreay know the answer off by heart.

How to use please excuse my dear aunt sally in Excel?

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS) is pretty much what Order of Operations is. It means Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction.

What percent of blood can be used in transfusions?

Your question is faulty do you mean how much blood can be replaced or how much can be added etc?

What you do in math and reading?

Math you do Possibility, Addition, Subtraction, Grouping, Multiplying, Dividing, Algebra, Patterns, 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D shapes. Motion geometry, Too much I can't name that much more. Reading you can do reading comprehension, worksheets, oral reading only.

How much math do pediatrics need to know?

Pediatricians just use everyday math. It is still important to know the basics such as multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition to find doses and such. You also need to learn how to make graphs to follow your patient's growth and other things.

What do people need math for?

All sorts of things! From doing up bank statements to calculating how much to spend at the mall. It goes from the complex like that involved in building and engineering, to the very simple like teaching grade 1 students in school basic addition and subtraction.

Do wedding planners use math?

Math is a fundamental part of any planners' life. A wedding planner in particular must be able to do advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and geometry. This will come in useful when calculating how much food to make, how large an area is needed, how much the event will cost\make, etc.

What does how much mean in a math problem?

the total amount Mean is the numbers added together and divided by how many numbers you have.

How much sugar do you need per day?

If you mean added sugar, you do not need any. Added sugar is not required for good health. You will do far better without it.